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Can eye and nose-ear drops be given while fasting?

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  • 15 April, 2022 12:30:34

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News Desk: In case of fasting, eye drops, nose or ear drops can be given during the day if necessary. Because, it is not included in the diet. The purpose of eating and drinking is not achieved by this. After all, the drug does not go directly to the stomach or the brain.

Although sometimes a drop in the nose or eyes can be felt in the mouth; However, due to its small size, it is not covered. For example, when performing aju, the mouth gets water; But there is no harm in rosary. The small amount of water that enters the body's pores during bathing does not harm the rosary; In the same way, even if you apply cream or powder medicine on the wound or pain in any part of the body, there will be no harm in fasting. Although it mixes with the blood. (Majmaul Fatawa).

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