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Onions in the stomach to reduce the risk of heat stroke

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  • 11 April, 2021 15:46:46

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News Desk: In ancient times, people used to keep onions in their pockets to survive the heat - did you know that? In the past, medicine was not so advanced. Yet they knew the properties of onions could protect them from heatstroke in the heat. But how, where is the relationship between the heat and the onion?

According to Ayurveda, using onion juice on the soles of the feet maintains the balance of body temperature. The qualities of an onion protect the body from the hot sun and hot air. There is mention of the use of onion in Ayurvedic treatment as a body defense against the heat. According to medical science, onions are rich in potassium and sodium. Eating onions in any state, raw or cooked, increase the body's electrolyte reserves.

In addition, the health benefits of raw onions keep the body healthy by fighting heat stroke in extreme heat. Onion helps in the digestion of gastric juice. According to doctors, all the ingredients present in onions help to regulate body temperature. Onions absorb some heat from the body.

For this reason, in the past, many people kept raw onions in their pockets to escape the heat. You can also keep a raw onion in your pocket to avoid heatstroke if you want! While the subject may seem ridiculous, its health benefits are proven. So even if you don't keep it in your pocket, you can keep raw or cooked onions in your daily diet. You can also use raw onion juice on the soles of the feet to avoid heat.

Source: Times of India / NDTV

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