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Is soap better than face wash?

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  • 21 March, 2022 17:48:08

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Lifestyle Desk: This is actually a matter of huge debate when it comes to the concept of whether a soap or a face wash is more effective. There are a good number of people who still believe that soap cleans better and stick to using it for years and years. Now a days, some entrepreneurs have started changing the formulation of soaps as well. They have introduced organic and vegan soaps to assure the belief of a certain class of people that actually what they believe is true i.e a soap cleans and kills germs better than a face wash. But still these soaps fail to meet the expectations of people on a large scale. We begin to explore the differences between the both as we move ahead to find out more about them. The main differences between a soap and a face wash: Soaps are usually of harsh texture whereas a face wash is far milder on skin.

Soap is usually alkaline based but our skin is acidic in nature therefore after a prolonged period of use one might experience breakouts and flaky skin. A face wash is made in such a way that it maintains the pH balance of the skin. Soaps usually make the skin dehydrated by drying up the natural oils of the skin thereby causing wrinkles and damage the protective layer of the skin whereas the ingredients of a face wash is such that if used according to the skin type then not only the natural oils of the skin will be retained but various skin concerns can also be tackled along with killing germs from the pores of the skin. Hence, a face wash is a better alternative than a soap. Introducing Lafz – the new halal sensation in the country Lafz, a Singaporean based lifestyle brand started its journey in 2019 in Bangladesh with halal body sprays which took the country by storm as it is the only Company which produces alcohol -free body sprays at the current time. It also started its operation in eight other Muslim Countries like Qatar, Oman, Dubai and many more. Soon it expanded its business into color cosmetics and skin care products in Bangladesh within a very short period of time. As the products are free from harsh chemicals and toxic materials, one can easily rely upon Lafz for safer and purer form of skincare.

There is no compromise with the quality at all. Nowadays even the non – Islamic countries are getting inclined towards halal products as they not only ensure a better health in the long run but also make sure that safety standards are followed while manufacturing the products. Recently, Lafz introduced caffeine face wash in the market which got accepted by the people to a great extent. Let’s find out more about it. Presenting Lafz Coffee foaming face wash – an ultimate cleansing formula This facewash is infused with extracts of Arabica coffee and Aloe vera which cater to retain the freshness of the skin. Arabica coffee boosts collagen production and prevents anti -ageing problems and removes dullness from skin and makes skin alive. Inflammation can be easily kept at bay with this facewash as arabica coffee is enriched with antioxidants which make the skin look younger and tighter.

Aloe vera helps in keeping the skin hydrated and plays an amazing role in reducing scars and dark spots. As this face wash essentially takes care of the moisture of the skin and tackles several skin issues, it can be blatantly said that a face wash is far better than a soap. Moreover, as this formulation is completely halal there are no two ways about it being one of the best choices for people.

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