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Home Remedies to Get Rid of Unwanted Moles

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  • 08 April, 2021 11:40:34

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News Desk: Many people suffer from unwanted moles on the face or any part of the body. Excess moles on the face make the beauty a lot faded. Many people are helpless with the help of laser. Although it is very expensive. It is no longer possible for everyone to do laser.

The way then? You can also get rid of mole problems through home treatment. Mole can be removed with a few ingredients in the kitchen. Follow a few home remedies to get rid of unwanted mole problems before going to the doctor.

Garlic: How can a little garlic remove moles? Surely you think so! The quality of the little material but outstanding. Garlic contains some ingredients that are effective in treating acne.

Apply a clove of garlic on the mole and leave it overnight. If you follow this procedure for three weeks in a row, you will be amazed at the results! You can also apply garlic paste on the mole instead of garlic clove.

Potatoes: Rub a piece of potato on the mole for a while and then apply it to the mole overnight with the help of a bandage. After 8-10 days you will see that the mole has fallen off. The natural bleaching ingredients in potatoes help to get rid of moles. In addition, any stain can match the quality of the potato.

Turmeric: The natural ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine has been used for many ailments for ages. Turmeric is also useful in the treatment of moles. For this, 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder should be mixed with 1 vitamin C tablet powder. Then make a paste by mixing a little honey in it and use it on the mole. When dry, wash. Use it twice a day to get rid of moles.

Onion juice: Onion juice is very useful in solving various skin and hair problems. To remove moles, use onion juice in a specific place and wait for 1 hour. Then the place has to be washed. If onion juice is applied to the mole three times a day, it will fall off quickly. The use of onion juice will start to increase the levels of certain acids in the skin. For this reason, it will not take long for the mole to fall off.

Honey: Honey also plays an effective role in removing moles. For this, apply honey to the mole and stick it with a band-aid. After one hour, open the band-aid and wash the mole area. If you follow the method three times a day, the mole will go away in a few weeks.

Source: Times of India.

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