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That is why women are happier with less handsome men!

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  • 24 December, 2021 10:41:56

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News Desk: Love never depends on one's form or wealth. However, these issues cannot be ruled out. Because one likes the other by looking at the other's face first. After exchanging words and ideas, they exchanged love for each other. However, who will like whom when, is a personal matter. Everyone wants their partner to be beautiful, smart, possessing qualities.

So those who look a little less handsome, they will be single! Not so, but women are happier with them, according to a study. According to a new study from Florida State University, women who are more beautiful than men are more likely to succeed. Researchers analyzed 113 newlyweds in Texas. In this survey, husband and wife are given a number based on their appearance. It is seen that husbands who are lagging behind in beauty are more careful in maintaining the relationship than their wives. Giving gifts, doing housework, re-introducing oneself, trying out new ways of finding love is a little too much. Studies show that husbands are less committed to looking less attractive. At the same time, they are more engaged in pleasing the wife by realizing the meaning of her beauty.

Research has also shown that if the male partner is more attractive in a couple, the female partner suffers from inferiority complex. Which in many ways has a bad effect on them. Tania Reynolds, a researcher at Florida State University, said the results of the study showed that attractive looks have a negative effect on the relationship for the husband. On the other hand, husbands are busy keeping their wives happy to look less attractive.

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