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Some Another World

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  • 24 November, 2020 22:30:45

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Nabila Rahman

BS Environmental Science (NSU), PGDMS (UK)

“I write to awaken people to reach another dimension”

It was a dark stormy morning. I woke up with aches on my neck & back. Checked my mobile as usual and it snoozes “Oh, It’s my birthday”.  I called my mom to check whether she is alright and to ask about my hospitalized dad.  Tension & anxiety was in my subconscious mind not on my outlook.



It was dark outside & gloomy but I was planning something special for my birthday; at least to wear a nice outfit. My phone rang again. ‘Hurry up we need to go to hospital” my husband argue. I rush to hospital along with my baby son & husband. Saw my mother was crying. I got the fact that “Its time”.  I was shocked but was calm & quite seeing my dad is in life support. I was powerless & surrender to almighty. Felt like the dark sky is falling apart. I was reborn indeed.


I went to the earthy room of life & death very calmly and kissed the cold cheek of my dad; saw a little bit blood on his neck. His body was looking all right and seemed like he was sleeping but actually he was in a clear mystical & unearthly realm. He was seeing and hearing everything but was unable to communicate with me. So I talk to his ear soothingly, “Dad you will be fine & happy always. Many good things are coming your way”. And the last time I kiss him when he was dead & cold.



On 1993 in Bosnia War, an AMC officer of Bangladesh Army ran to Warfield to save a child.  “Sir you are an AMC officer; you are not supposed to attend Warfield”.  He smiled and called stretcher & started treating the child.  He was my Father, an army true hero; He was a man of humanity; I called him “my superhero”.  He was a man who was larger than his life. He was almost dead at several wars but almighty kept him alive because by that time, his life purpose was not accomplished completely. But now he is free from this enormous responsibility, imbalance attachments and physical pain of life & earth. Now he is a free angel roaming around sky to sky, space to space, universe to universe and so on. His soul is immortal just like the pure fragrance of his body.


Since then I made a wish & plan on my head that me and my father will go to universe tour when I will be dead from this beautiful world. One day after another, one month after another, years after years was going on and on with its seasonal beauties & changes. After summer, winter came with its falling leaves & cold breezes; then again hot summer came with its singing birds and my father’s favorite fruit mango & litchi. As the seasons changing, everything was changing with faster pace; me changed, my surrounding people changed, weather changed, technology changed and science with its mystical world. I was reborn again & again with new dimensions, new ideas, new thought & knowledge and purposes along with his brave & bold memories. I was becoming a good, brave & bold superhuman just like my father and happiness of giving surrounded me from all around! I become an unbeatable human in every aspect of my life and was blessed to have a beautiful family. But one day, suddenly I felt some mild heartaches & everything started to shatter from my sight! And an unfinished wish of a daddy’s daughter came true.



“Dad it was a good journey in earth; Thank you for coming & holding my hand throughout my life, at the end of my life & even after death. I knew everything dad but I was scared too because I was five to six feet up suffering an outer body experience where I was seeing what was going on around me ”.  “It was a clean & easy death experience and the pain was not more than the pain when my son was born. Now I’m feeling relived & ultimate peace.” My father was smiling & said, “I was waiting for you for this moment when you will come to me with your glorified state of mind. You have been so brave. Come with me”. Suddenly a pair of huge white feathery wings outgrown from my back with its shining golden edge and I asked, “Dad how I’ll fly?” He said with his smiling glowing face, “Just like you used to swim in water and now in sky”. And we both started flying up above the sky, above the space where another world resides– the heaven – the dreamy state of mind revealed on its own.

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