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The Sacramento festival should not be a lifelong cry

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  • 14 January, 2022 16:23:49

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Awareness is essential at the Saccharin Festival. The Sacrine Festival of Old Dhaka is one of the ancient festivals of Bangladesh. Although it is not celebrated all over Bangladesh. But very popular and important Bangladeshi culture. It is seen as a symbol of unity and friendship. Saccharin festival is celebrated in a festive atmosphere in Dhaka city. Poush Sankranti or Sacrine is celebrated in a big way in the Hindu inhabited areas of old Dhaka.

In Shankharibazar, Tantibazar, Goalnagar, Laxmibazar, Sutrapur, Gandaria, Lalbagh and its adjoining areas, all the people, young and old, got involved in this festival with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. On the occasion of Saccharin festival, kites of various colors, shapes and sizes have been arranged in the streets of old Dhaka. Accompanied by yarn and yarn. Old Dhaka ready for Poush Sankranti. In the afternoon, colorful kites fly in the sky in all these areas. In the evening, colorful lanterns are flown in the sky and pithapulis are arranged in the houses. At present, besides flying kites all day in Saccharine, colorful fireworks and colorful lanterns fill the sky of the city on the banks of Buriganga in the evening.

Everyone, regardless of race, religion or caste, participates in the Saccharin festival. Although the festival was once centered on kite flying, in recent years there have been various changes in the style of celebration. Examples include blowing lanterns, playing loud music, playing with fire, setting off fireworks, and so on. Instead of celebrating the festival, the suffering of the people is increasing. Panic has gripped this nearly 200-year-old festival. Because nowadays fireworks are set off loudly at festivals. Which causes serious noise pollution.

As well as the lanterns flying during the festival, there is a lot of damage in the fire. The monstrous sound is creating fear of a serious environmental catastrophe. Environmentalists say at least 10 times more fireworks and lanterns are sold at the Saccharin Festival on January 14 each year than at Thirtyfirst. According to vendors, there are 30,000 houses in Old Dhaka alone, where an average budget of Rs 10,000 per house is spent on lanterns and fireworks. Ahmed Kamruzzaman Majumder, head of the research institute CAPS and dean of the science faculty at Stamford University Bangladesh, said saccharin is a traditional festival of old Dhaka. In addition to flying kites, lanterns and fireworks were also displayed at the festival. At this time air pollution activities with high noise. He said what happens at the festival is a clear offense under the country's environmental protection laws and noise pollution control regulations. However, no activity of the concerned administration can be noticed in controlling the pollution.

Saccharin will have many percent more noise and air pollution at night than at other times of the day, which is harmful to humans and biodiversity. There are thousands of panic surrounding this festival. The Sacramento festival is not a festival of joy for some, a festival of tears for some. Considering the biodiversity and fauna, it is important to refrain from noise and air pollution. Of course, the law enforcement agencies have to be active, otherwise the word terrorists will continue to grow.


Jannatul Mawa Shashi

Student, Department of Social Work

Jagannath University, Dhaka

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