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The Universal law - the Interconnected Game of Karma

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  • 24 November, 2020 22:34:18

Figure: Neuronal webs in the human brain cerebellum (Left) vs. cosmic web simulation (right). (Dr. E. Zunarelli, University Hospital of Modena and Vazza et al. 2019 A&A. University of Bologna)

Nabila Rahman

BS Environmental Science (NSU), PGDMS (UK)

“I write to awaken people to reach another dimension”


If you visit different countries of the world, people usually asks you, “Which country are you from?” I tell them, “I’m the Homo sapience from the planet earth of the known universe; where are you from?” And they simply chuckles; perceives me as just joking or a mere crazy insane geek! But if you see closely with awareness by activating your brain rudder, you’re going to see the same truth!


Now let’s move to the mighty space where it is easy to get lost anywhere you want. Your eyes will start to sparkle with all the disco lookalike sparkling stars. The mighty Sun is one of those god like stars, unique with its massive burning fire powerhouse. The superpower of Sun is the fuel of all the spinning dancing planets that are rotating around the sun within its orbit in one way only. All the planets are spinning like a belly dancer in just one direction and also rotating around the sun in the same one direction and they never look back on the past. The science called this rhythmic family dance - a solar system.


Here comes the unique Universe with its family - the solar system & its planets (including our planet earth), the multiple starts, several uneven meteors and the barred cloudy whirling sparkling milky ways along with its cannibal black holes who eats up anything that comes its way. With their rhythmic one directional spinning & rotating dance movements, the time- space- matter & gravitational force is created! Isn’t that a mind blowing Showtime! The Showtime is very diverse & colorful and glamorous to watch! 


Just observe one thing, the whole nature of the universal system is very delicate, flexible & uncertain on which you cannot predict or theorize every moves it makes on next. Its’ nature always gives you brand-new surprises as it is expanding exponentially from all directions day by day with its continuous changing essence. If you analyze the whole anatomy of the existing universe, you will see it is a bubble foam like spiral structure where the galaxies are concentrated on the surface of the bubble with spiral pattern. 


If you go much deeper on the way it rules, you will see the symbiosis & connections of everything. For example, all the different ecosystems in the planet earth are connected. All the existence of the species is connected where the extinction of one affects others. All the geographical environmental health all over the world is connected where casualties like carbon emission creates climate change (i.e. global warming) which affects the ecosystem & environment of the entire planet. After all, everything of the universe has evolved to today’s shape & nature from a densely concentrated matter/dust of singularity by Big Bang or some kind of unexplained explosions.


If you go deeply to observe & investigate the pattern & nature of human race with its universe, you will be puzzled more! “Astrophysicist and neuroscientist—joined forces to quantitatively compare the complexity of galaxy networks and neuronal networks. The first results from the comparison are truly surprising: Not only are the complexities of the brain and cosmic web actually similar, but so are their Structures. The total number of neurons in the human brain falls in the same ballpark of the number of galaxies in the observable universe. Your life’s memories could, in principle, be stored in the universe’s structure.” (The strange similarity of neuron & galaxy networks by Franco Vazza & Alberto Feletti)


If the surprising facts of neurons of human brain & galactic network is similar quantitatively & structurally, is true then, the emotional energy circulating through our mind & body would be definitely connected with the spiral networks of the mighty universe. Therefore our evolution, karma, intentions & deeds are very much connected with the universe. The overall system & connection of our brain and universe is so complex which is magnificently magical! That is how, when we involved in good deeds with utmost positive intentions & emotions, the universe responds accordingly. And when we involved ourselves in negative thoughts, emotions & deeds, the universe gets aggressively angry at us. The galactic network of the universe act as the shield which triggers positive & negative results according the emotional energy & code sent by your brain-body-soul! Some called the system as Karma and the other name would be Universal Law. 


If you are in symbiosis with the galactic network of the universe, then you are in right path. The rule is very simple; if you grow conscious or wiser with utmost positive emotional energy as the universe expanding with time, the universe will then gift you positive outcome & immortality even after your physical death. You need to understand the fact that, you are a beautiful spirit (i.e. a pure heavenly positive energy with intelligence) beyond the physical body and beyond time & space. Therefore becoming negative is against the nature of amazing you & against the universal law. If you get struck with your negativity, the universe will send you code where you will be imprisoned in the vicious cycle of your own negative charges or curse. This entails that your emotional code is interconnected with the universal Intelligence.


The one directional forward movement of the universe is talking about another set of universal law. It identifies rules of never look back on the past with emotional intensity; only it asks for to move forward with the experience you gathered on the past & urges to ‘divenire’, to grow, to evolve with the expanding universe.


Now, if you fasten your seatbelt a bit tight and make your brain rudder a bit more alert and go a little bit more beyond on deeper level - you might get faint. Just by seeing the sparkling beauty of several thousands of more universes other than your existing one, all over the spaces. Each of them has different shape, size & time, may have different diversified species which you call alien; what a disrespectful name ‘alien’! Those mighty Universes may be incorporated with similar or different universal law with different set of game of emotional intelligence. Who knows!



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