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Rainbow Village – A New Way to See a New World with Solar Intuition

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  • 24 November, 2020 22:28:30

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Nabila Rahman

BS Environmental Science (NSU), PGDMS (UK)

“I write to awaken people to reach another dimension”


It was yesterday, when I had a beautiful dream! I dreamt - I own a home in a peaceful locality far away from chaos city life. It’s a village island as colorful as rainbow! When you see down, there’s only greens and bluish-green Lake. And when you see up there’s a broader sky with different shades of blues! With the rise & sets of Sun, the colors of scenic beauty changes with different shades, different filters and a different images.  No presence of urban hassles, no traffic, no hurry and no concreteness! And when you breathe, there’s only fresh soothing air! I started walking through grass barefoot. The green grass was cozy and velvety sooths my feet. Walking & walking with the rhythm of the birds singing and the music of my anklet! The wind blew my messy hair, hug me from inside. The green sparkled my eyes. The grandma trees whispering my air, telling me something good going to happen! Each photons of the shining sunlight gave me energy and washing all the pain, sorrows & depression! I was lost with so much nurturing of the Mother Nature. Some butterflies & grasshopper was also lost just like me but they were busy playing. With all sudden, I saw a few people around me who seems earthy and trying to plant trees.


I roamed around some duplex and triplex home having some hi-tech green architectural structure. All of those having spiral shaped innovative solar panel on the rooftop and also having photovoltaic mirror windows! And I just felt, one of those sparkling beauty is my home! The Roads were also interesting which directing forward along the mighty trees. Some sophisticated flyover brunches extended from the roadside were also moving upward on some mountainous direction, far from the strange village! They were so polished and perfect that any high resolution car could pass through smoothly! An electric car was going across the road and it just happened in front of my eyesight!


It was such an amazing experience to watch and hard to believe! Because it’s a rural area which once used to live in the isolation of darkness! Is that meaning, we all got so advanced technologically & economically where people are living joyfully with their near & dear ones with the harmony of nature? Farmers are seeing producing their own food with the knowledge of science and advance solar technologies. They don’t depend on rural or urban dishonest businessman anymore to market & sell their crops to urban areas. They have access to internet where they digitalized their agricultural business. Some of them even have their own websites where they simply export their products abroad worldwide! I felt like, I fall in another time dimension. But which dimension is it?


Suddenly I saw a strange silver car flying through the sky and slowing its speed landing towards the polished road along the green. I speak to myself, “Definitely it’s the hydrogen car I was once heard about!” Then the gate open and a handsome guy landed to the ground. And he just started working in his rice field in a stylish way as such he’s the guy from a different time space! He don’t seem like a regular farmer! He looked not less than any movie heroes. He well dressed & seemed very educated!


I asked him, “Hello, is this your farm?”


He replied with a beautiful smile, “Yes it is”.


“Do you’ve other business along with this?”


He gave a more attractive smile & told me, “Technically No, but I’ve business brunches of this one.”


I was more curious and ask, “What! How?”


He replied, “I sell my crops all around the country and also export worldwide. I use solar for irrigation facilities because I made the technology in my way- in more simple & cheaper form. Now there is electricity and internet access to everyone. Solar gave them real power and there life changes just like a magic!”


“Wow! How you learn all these?”


“I was a NASA scientist and I was working there for a long time. At time I lost the true meaning of life in between the concrete world. Then I leave all those life behind and came back in my village home to find peace and to get touch with nature. Then gradually I started this project.”


He added, “I also teach on the adjacent eco school. I made a green school over there. You know I love kids and they are quick learners & very smart. They play along the trees and get to know the beauty of ecosystem. They also learnt to make a treehouse. They can even produce their own food in farm! Even if you have any small car problems, they could repair them in minute. All the trees, animals & birds are their playmate and best friends. Sometime I also enjoying play football with them in between mud, clay & rain! Those beautiful kids are the future generation scientists & naturalist farmers!”


He further added, “We all are a spiritual being. These nature, this wind, these water, animals, birds - they are not separate being. We all part of the same ecosystem and creating problem to one species hampers the living of others including us. Remember the word Karma – whatever you do, it just comes around! When we all live in symbiosis, love, compassion and harmony, our life just starts to change. And we start to see a new world! Sun is mighty and powerful. With proper knowledge, good technologies and self-awareness, sun could generate clean electricity globally. Along with only planting trillions of trees and clean energy sources, we can combat Global Warming and Carbon imprint!” 


Wow! He just blown my mind! What a genius guy! World needs more healers like him rather than successful people. But look at him he is handsome, wealthy, successful, happy & obviously a healer!


“What other things you do here?”


He replied in humble way, “I sometimes have party with the other farmers of the village and their families. They are very creative. I sometimes play my guitar infused with their deep music of folk. It’s an amazing music experience.”


I was simply speechless and asked, “Can I join?”


He replied, “Sure! There I also arrange a face to face program for teaching & training farmers. I teach them the clean science behind agriculture. It just washed their unnecessary worries and heals them. Also heals me by seeing their happy faces. They are now capable of producing healthy food without using harmful pesticides. And each of them are entrepreneur. And you clearly see the magic - people living here is healthy & happy!”


I asked him further, “How did you get finance for this wonderful project?”


He said, “I had a strong dream but initially I didn’t know how to make this possible. I discussed with my NASA friends and other businessman friends about my dreams. Then with their financing & reliability on me, gave another level of inspiration to start it with bold initial steps.”


“What about difficulties & struggles?”


“Yes, that’s another story! Initially there were backlash from village politics and trust issues of the villagers. But as I have boldly started work on solar panel and also started providing irrigation water to the each field voluntarily; I start to gain trust eventually. I also educate farmers on sustainable way of producing healthy food. I am also thankful to my friends, partners & village people who supported me in this journey. I walked through risking my life! Still, I faces problems but I focus on solutions only.”


I asked him with my curiosity, “Do you feel, you’re the king of this village?”


He laughed and replied, “Yeah! Sort of! But a king to heal the innocence & nature!”


I added smiling, “So since now your name is Solar King!”


I just fall in love with this guy and started dreaming in the dream! It was although more than a mere romantic love! A love having respect and an unconditional longings to the purity! Anyway!


Many other villagers starts laughing if anyone ask them to go Dhaka or abroad for income! All the farmers & simple rural people are well established who once used to live in complete darkness! And now? Just wow! What’s happening here! It’s some another world!


And suddenly, I just woke up from the ‘awakening’ dreams of amazing new decentralized world! The world of peace, true sustainability and nature’s harmony! The Rainbow world with many shades of possibilities! The world of no beggar & no poor being! The world of actual healers & heroes! The world of joy where little scientists playing around at the heart of the green school! Those little scientists are the future! It’s the world of technological & economic advancement with the adorable touch of green Mother Nature! Solar power, Digitalization & Eco School - those opens my eyes with wonder that - everything is feasible! Now don’t you see life as full of potential possibilities! I’m sure, you will!


Solar could gift decentralization nationwide if other source of renewable energy is used in combination. It is feasible to use the combination of solar, biogas and oil to generate electricity at any rural area with cheaper possibilities. Solar technologies in rural localities could easily stretches its electricity supply to door to door. Power could reach to every households, infrastructures, local small industries, schools and marketplaces. People of all ages could enhance their productivity with the aid of this technology as electricity will be within everyone’s reach. Worker like mechanics can easily work at any time and children could have more study time.


Solar technology would also aid the recreational facilities like it could tune up Tv, computers & internet with its electricity generation. It could also provide cooking facilities of every household. Development of irrigation facilities of farms is also possible with it. Thus it will enhance agricultural production. Solar could also diminish water scarcity problem with its water filtration or desalination technologies.


Rural women can use their sewing machine for their business at any time. It could also bring women empowerment and their economic growth. If every rural women would developed economically the overall national GDP will be raised. They will be a better mother who would enable improved child-health & education possibilities. They will access the country with better economy and better future. Napoleon was right in his quote- “Give me a good mother and I will give you a good nation.”


Solar will also enhance local economy if the technologies “divenire” into advance & cheap version. The overall economy would be leaped up if such decentralization happens at local level. It could easily break the cycle of poverty with its power. But to make that dream into reality we need conscious effort of all the young educated people. Instead of blaming government any conscious student, volunteers, businessman, investors, private sector, intellectuals, teachers, professors, scientists, environmentalist, engineers and just anyone can take actions. Anyone can actively plan for the advancement of the solar technologies for a heathy lifestyle and a clean sustainable hi-tech future. It could be you, your friend

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