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Let the public relations profession build a solid institutional foundation

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  • 17 December, 2021 15:17:31

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The whole world is moving towards the culmination of modernity today. The campaign is at the center of everything. Just as there is publicity through you, there is also publicity through others. Not all campaigns are positive. In today's age of social media, print media and electronic media are all facing stiff competition. Social media is becoming the focus of a lot of propaganda today. Social media can be a medium for any news but there is no reason to think it is always true. There can be propaganda by verifying the truth from the news sources.

Today we can see the violence of online media in all cases. The news spreads online and on social media as soon as any incident occurs. And the competition of breaking news in electronic media. Competition can often lead to misinformation coming to the public. Which is not what people expect from electronic or online media. The most acceptable medium for obtaining information on any incident is the spokesperson and public relations officer of each organization. Today, journalists from all over the world are working through their pens as a driving force along with the governments of the country and the world. And the role of those working in public relations around the world is key to accelerating the power of the pen of journalists. There is no reason to think anything is one way. Public relations profession and literacy both depend on each other. Good news introduces a journalist, brings fame, awards. And those who are not able to deliver the good news without their cooperation are the public relations workers or public relations experts. Do those public relations experts have any institutional recognition? I didn't get a chance to see contemporaries. As much as there is positive work in the organization, public relations workers have to be at the forefront of promoting all the work. Similarly, the public relations workers have to stay ahead in solving the negative propaganda of the organization. For those who do not have a thorough idea of ​​the work of public relations profession, all the positive news service is automatic and negative news service is due to the weakness of the public relations worker. Which is by no means logical to reality.

Bangladesh Jan Sanyog Samiti was formed in Bangladesh about 42 years ago. That is how the institutional foundation could not be built. The annual general meeting and election was held on December 11. A new committee has emerged. A working committee has been formed with experienced public relations experts. Where experienced public relations experts from various government and non-government organizations are included. There may be differences between expectations and receipts, but the new committee has high expectations. One hope is that the new committee of Bangladesh Jan Sanyog Samiti will be able to build an institutional foundation for all. Every year there is a need to give recognition to encourage public relations professionals in different sectors. New public relations experts will appear. There is an opportunity to get talented and multi-talented employees in public relations. One day in 24 hours. Sometimes I think the day would be better if it was 36 hours.

Public relations is a test of patience. Relentlessly working at the same level from beginning to end. And if the public relations profession of a service organization, then you have to be ready for any subject at any time. You have to play the role of the spokesperson of the organization. One has to speak with great awareness. Misrepresentations can threaten the organization. Being able to present a speech fluently in difficult times is to express that a public relations expert is different from others. The need for a PR worker is always there for an organization. But public relations workers seem to be needed more in bad times than in good times. In any bad time of the organization, a public relations worker can play a direct role in moving the organization towards good times through his communication. A public relations expert can promote the organization by delivering the right message to all levels of citizens through the media with his sublime presentation. Building relationships with journalists when needed and ending relationships when needed is not a public relations profession for those who believe in this principle.

This profession will not be very suitable for those who want to work in the public relations profession on time. Someone will be introduced professionally but the relationship will be made personally. That relationship will last a lifetime. The organization will benefit because of the personal relationship. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. The stronger the internal relationship, the more acceptable your role in the organization as a public relations worker will be. You can easily spread the message of the organization through the media to millions of people, which is not possible for any other employee of the organization. There is no routine limitation on the work and time of the PR worker. Always free and always busy again. You have to be ready for every moment of busyness.

Author: Md. Kamrul Islam

General Manager - Public Relations

US-Bangla Airlines Limited.

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