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Consciousness - A Magical Wand to Create Your Own Reality

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  • 24 November, 2020 22:26:55

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Nabila Rahman

BS Environmental Science (NSU), PGDMS (UK)

“I write to awaken people to reach another dimension”


Do you find your world meaningless? Are you struck in the vicious cycle of misery or series of traumas? Are you bored with everything? Are you dreaming & your dreams never comes true? Are you far from achieving your goals? Did you get frustrated or depressed? Do you pray a lot and it takes never or decades to make the dreams come true? Do you struggling with everything around you? Do your surroundings blocking you from achieving your dreams & desires? Or it’s just you who struggling in his own mental blockages? Think for a while!


If there is problems, there is also way to solve it. Now you will argue that who’s going to help you? No one is going to help you and even God also can't help you if you don't have intentions to help yourself! The solution is in your hand! Can't you see? Watch carefully & deeply! The consciousness of your own - the magical wand - we all have it! But where? Look at up close - it’s hidden in your own brain! But unfortunately you must have lost your manual to use it! Yes, you hear it right!


Consciousness is a mystery, a magic, a tool that transform your life like fairytales. It’s a powerful thinking process of awareness of internal & external existence. It creates your own reality and changes the world around you. It’s a magic that triggered by the pineal gland of the midline of the brain. It also known as the third eye lead changes the way you think, the way you perceive everything, the way you process information and the way you believe. Its seat of the soul is responsible for enlightenment, awakening the spiritual world and rise of higher level intuition.


“Intuition is a powerful thing, more powerful than intellect.” -That’s what Steve Jobs said!


And Albert Einstein stated something similar-

“The only real valuable thing is intuition”.


Now let’s have a look on a short story. A young guy was once, sitting under an apple tree. He was happily reading with nature. Suddenly he bonked on the head by a falling apple. That “aha moment” prompted him to discover the Law of Gravity! The guy was the legendary scientist Sir Isaac Newton who changed the world’s perception of gravity with his conscious intuitive effort.


It’s a powerful tool which has been used by ancient intellectuals who "divenire" themselves with changing the reality of the world we live! Example of those intellectuals are Aristotle, Plato, Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Buddha, Sadhguru & the list goes on - who changed the world! Just see around the history - how we were before and how we are now; how the civilizations changes! Isn't it less than a dream! It is those intellectuals whose higher thinking process aligned with consciousness & enlightenment awakened a new era, a new civilization. Their powerful thoughts creates high frequency vibrations & simulations within & around them. With their repeated visions of dreams creates the illusion of new reality. This is how a dream that comes true!


Just imagine many years ago, today’s digital world was a magical dream to our grandparents. I still remember my curious grandmother who even can't imagine & believe how the television works & showcases audio-visual cinematic reality or dream. She used to walk through the back of the TV mysteriously to feed her curiosity from where those dancing hero-heroines coming & romancing each other with no shame! The whole concept of TV was a dreamy experience for her that it was hard to believe the reality sitting in front of her.


Exactly the same way of my simple grandmother, most of us thinks about the high-tech future as a mere dream or cinema or fairytale story. Your mind chatters itself and concludes certain things can't happen & will only happens in dreams. But do you know your brain is much highly sophisticated & powerful than any other computer, AI, robot or future cyborgs. God made us with his intelligence & energy.


The Almighty made each of us, as a unique player of the series of transforming civilization - a new world within the infinite nature of expanding universe. You have the power to change the world! Yes you are that powerful! Are you aware of that?

This world is a simulation of each of our conscious thinking process. So think carefully, if it’s a world of dream or illusion or a certain dimension? Should it not be considered as beautiful as your imaginary heaven? But unfortunately we are not aware of the beauty of the nature and the magic lies within us! Why? Because we are not aware of our own potential and our own dreams. If you see the life as possibilities you will create your own possibilities and the possibilities for others & future generations. But if your thoughts surrounds by the same cycle of past experiences - the triggering emotional code will create the same reality which at some point will bore you and make your life meaningless like hell.


So are you taking charge of yourself? Are you taking charge for your environment? Are you taking charge for your future? Are you taking charge for your own world? Would you?

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