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More than 500 people are living at risk of life in Pabna!

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  • 23 September, 2022 19:32:42

Photo: CNI

Tofazzal Hossain Babu, Pabna: Five hundred people of around one hundred families of Chaikola (Sardar Para) village of Chatmohar Upazila of Pabna are constantly living in danger. This problem has arisen because the power line is built over their house. Electrical wires do not have any plastic covering. A major accident can occur at any time due to the presence of electrical lines over the tin house. The affected residents said that this electric line was constructed by Pabna Pallividyut Samiti-1 in the last nineties. Most of the people in this densely populated area are illiterate. They were not aware of its adverse effects then. Although there is a government road on the south side of the houses, the electric line is built over the houses, houses and yards instead of on the side of the road. As the population increases, many people are forced to live under the power lines. They can't plant any kind of tree as it goes from house to house. Some people planted some trees but they were cut down by the electricity department before they grew. Sumi Khatun, daughter of Shahidul Islam Shahid of Chaikola Sardar Para, said that we are always in fear because of the electric wire passing over the tin house. Panic increases during rainstorms. Rajeda Khatun said that seven drops of rice have passed through her house. Danger is always a possibility. Atahar Sardar said that the line was built approximately 25 to 30 years ago. I didn't understand its evil then. But now I am not getting any cool edge. I am always afraid of what will happen. Khabir Uddin master, Jannat Hossain and college teacher Hasinur Rahman Ujjal said that people are not able to build structures due to the electric cables passing over the houses of this neighborhood. As the wire had no cover, it caught fire when its branches came in contact with leaves during a rainstorm. To get redressal, the beneficiaries have sought the immediate intervention of the higher authorities of the electricity department to move the electric line to the side of the road to protect life and property. In this regard, Akmal Hossain, general manager of Pabna Pallividyut Samiti-1, said that there is no fund for the transfer of these previously constructed electric lines. If the customer finds it difficult to apply for the transfer of the electric line, an engineer will be sent to investigate and inform the customer through a letter how much money will be spent. The electric line will be transferred through the contractor after the tender process on depositing the required amount. Beneficiaries will be assisted as much as possible under the law.

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