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Disobeying the verdict, the UP chairman signed the blank stamp by beating

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  • 01 July, 2022 15:17:31

Photo: CNI

Mostafizur Rahman, Lalmonirhat: The Barakhata UP chairman has been accused of forcibly removing a sleeping farmer from his house and closing the doors and windows of the Union Parishad room and signing a blank stamp with brutal torture. Locals said that the union chairman was killed more than once due to the seizure of power and a dictatorial system has been established. The victim Zahurul Haque has lodged a written complaint with the local police station mentioning the names of 4 more village policemen along with the UP chairman as the main accused in the incident. The incident took place at Barakhata Union Parishad in Hatibandha Upazila yesterday (June 29) morning. Zahurul Haque is the son of Jamal Uddin of Ward 2 of West Sardubi area of ​​the union. According to the written complaint, Nazrul Islam was having a land dispute with his brother Zahurul Haque of West Sardubi area of ​​Ward 2 of Barakhata Union of the upazila. The UP chairman ruled in favor of Nazrul Islam. Due to the rainy season, Zahurul Haque was late in accepting the verdict of that trial. Enraged by this, UP Chairman Sohail forcibly brought Zahurul Haque to the Union Parishad from his house with 4-5 village policemen around 5:30 am on Wednesday. When he refused to come with the village police, two village policemen slapped Zahurul Haque in the backyard. Later that day, at around 10:30 am, UP Chairman Sohail brutally tortured him by entering the hall of the Union Parishad, closing the doors and windows with a bamboo stick. The victim claimed that Zahurul Haque was tortured in various places including the knuckles and fingers of his hands and feet to paralyze him with a bamboo stick. The victim Zahurul Haque almost lost consciousness. When Zahurul Haque cried at that time, the UP chairman forcibly signed the blank stamp to cover his guilt with various threats including death. After being released from there, the family members took the sick Zahurul to the Upazila Health Complex. That night, through his son, UP Chairman Abu Hena Mostafa Jamal Sohail was made the main accused and Zahurul Haque lodged a written complaint with the local police station mentioning the names of four others. Crying, he said, "I am not a thief, I am not a robber, I am not a drug dealer, but I was brutally tortured by UP chairman Sohail and 4 village policemen." This is a country, there are no laws here. At that time, the victim demanded suitable peace for the chairman and 8 village policemen. However, UP Chairman Abu Hena Mostafa Jamal Sohail denied the allegations and said, "I don't know anything about it." In response to another question, he admitted to signing the stamp. Earlier in July last year, Emdadul Haque, son of Tarimuddin of Dalalpara village in Fakirpara union of the upazila, was taken from a tea shop in Barkhata Bazar to the village union council by Shafiqul Islam and three others on the orders of UP chairman Sohail. Later, the chairman and the village police beat him up, got him to sign 10 land deeds (stamps) and publicly threatened not to allow him to do business in Barakhata market. Hatibandha Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Ershadul Alam confirmed the incident and said, "I have received a written complaint against Barakhata UP Chairman Abu Hena Mostafa Jamal Sohail." The matter will be investigated and necessary action will be taken.

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