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Anushka's body showed signs of mysterious 'foreign body'!

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  • 11 January, 2021 15:38:14

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News Desk: The body of Anushka Noor Amin (16), a student killed in Kalabagan of the capital, has been found to have signs of perverted sex. Pushing something large into the victim's rectum caused his genitals and rectum to rupture, causing excessive bleeding and killing him, sources close to the investigation said. Anushka was autopsied at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

The head of the forensic medicine department said. Sohail Mahmood told the media that using the rectum and genitals with a normal penis should not have such dire consequences. Something like 'no foreign body size' has been used in the lower part of the body. In a word, there has been perverted sex. “I can say in the light of my postmortem life experience, this injury by the penis is not possible at all,” he added. It was something other than the penis.

The doctor's idea is that the victim may die due to excessive bleeding from the vagina and anus. He said he died of hypovolemic shock due to excessive bleeding. Excessive bleeding or excess fluid from the body causes the heart to lose its normal function. Because of this the heart cannot supply blood to the body, people can die. The forensic expert said that after receiving information about perverted sex, "We have received signs of bleeding from both the vaginal and anal passages." We found no signs of coercion. However, we have received some injuries in the vagina and anus. Bleeding from there was mainly due to those injuries. But no signs of coercion were found anywhere else in the body. ' Was the sex group? To such a question, Sohail Mahmood said, "We have collected DNA from her (the girl's) body. We sent it to the lab. We will find out if his report was actually gang rape. ' Meanwhile, Kalabagan Police Inspector AFM Asaduzzaman, the investigating officer in the case, filed a DNA test on the only accused Fardin Iftekhar Dihan, 18, at the Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate's Court on Sunday (January 10th). Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Begum Yasmin Ara granted the application.

Meanwhile, Dhaka Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner (DC) Sajjadur Rahman told a press briefing on Sunday (January 10th) that Fardin Iftekhar Dihan had been in a relationship with student Anushka Nur Amin for two months. He said using social media and information technology, it was revealed that they had been in a relationship for more than two months. However, the matter is still under investigation. The deputy commissioner further said that the age of the police deceased has been initially recorded based on the age given by the hospital. Earlier on Friday (January 10), Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Mamunur Rashid pleaded guilty in court and made a voluntary confessional statement.

The autopsy of the slain student was completed on the same day. At the end of the autopsy, there were signs of rape, said Dr. Sohail Mahmood. He added that samples had been collected and sent for chemical testing to determine if the anesthetic had been fed before death. After receiving these reports, the real cause of death can be said. According to the case file, Anushka Noor Amin, an 'O' level student of Mastermind School in Dhanmondi, got out of her house on Thursday (January 10) morning after receiving a mobile call from her friend Dihan.

Dihan then took the girl to his home in Dolphin Alley, Kalabagan. She was raped in an empty house. When he fell ill, four friends including Dihan took him to Anwar Khan Modern Medical College Hospital in Dhanmondi. There the doctor declared the student dead. Accused Dihan was arrested after the incident. Anushka's father has filed a case in this regard. According to the statement of case, my wife and I left last Thursday (January 10) morning. Later, my daughter called her mother at 11:30 am and told her that she was going out to fetch the coaching papers.

At 1:17 pm, Dihan called my wife and told her that my daughter had gone to her house. He fell unconscious and was admitted to the emergency department of Anwar Khan Modern Medical College Hospital in the capital. Hearing this, my wife reached the hospital at 1:52 pm. Going there, you can find out from the doctor on duty that our daughter has been raped and killed. Meanwhile, Anushka's burial was completed at Gopalpur Central Cemetery on Saturday (January 9) morning. The villagers have protested and rallied to demand justice for Anushka's murder, demanding the execution of anyone involved in the murder.

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