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This time the ministry is in a dilemma with increasing the leave of educational institutions

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  • 28 September, 2020 15:18:14

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News Desk: The two ministries of education are in a dilemma as to whether the holidays in the educational institutions will increase or not in the situation of Kovid-19. The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has already instructed to make preparations to open the educational institutions.

And the boards under the Ministry of Education are skeptical about whether it will be right to open an educational institution as the second wave of corona has started in the country. The position of the boards is to open the educational institution at the moment and not to put the students at risk. This information has been known from the relevant sources of the two ministries.

The first coronavirus was detected in the country on March 6. The first death occurred on 17 March. Due to the global epidemic, all educational institutions in the country have been on holiday since March 16. According to the latest announcement, there is a holiday in the educational institution till October 3. In such a situation, teachers, students and parents are asked whether the holidays will be extended or the school-college will be opened.

As the year is almost over, the question of whether there will be an annual examination or not is also circulating among the students and parents. The two ministries are in a kind of haze over the opening of educational institutions.

In this situation, the Minister of Education has decided to hold a press conference. Dipu Moni. The education minister will hold a press conference on Wednesday (September 30) at noon. This information was given by the public relations officer of the ministry Mohammad Abul Khair.

An official of the ministry said that an announcement may be made at the press conference whether the leave of the educational institution will be extended further. Besides, the education minister will also talk about the postponed HSC exams.

HSC and equivalent examinations are scheduled to start on April 1, but have been postponed due to increased coronavirus infection. Earlier, it was decided to stop JSC and PEC examinations.

The second wave of corona has already started. Winter ahead. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself has expressed concern over the further increase in the incidence of corona. Experts, including the health minister, are warning of the risk of corona in winter.

In this situation, due to the coronavirus infection, many are expecting to extend the ongoing holidays of the country's educational institutions in another phase. Again, there is a hint that there is going to be a positive decision about opening an educational institution.

In that case, time may be given till October 15 to prepare for the opening of the educational institution. After this regular teaching can be started. However, no final decision has been made yet.

Meanwhile, at a press conference on September 21, Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam said that the decision would be taken by the concerned ministries to reopen the educational institutions that were closed due to the Covid-19 situation.

After the cabinet meeting on that day, the cabinet secretary said the concerned ministry would take a decision on opening schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. Only when they think about it will they be able to decide to open it.

In this situation, the two ministries of education have the authority not to open educational institutions. However, according to the concerned officials of the two ministries, they are in a dilemma.

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has already instructed to make preparations to open the educational institutions. Educational institutions have been instructed to wash and clean.

And the boards under the Ministry of Education are in favor of opening educational institutions at the moment and not putting the students at risk. The boards are thinking of promoting the students to higher classes through evaluation without taking the annual examination. Of course, it depends on when the situation will come under control and the educational institution will open.

Asked about this, Akram-al-Hossain, secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, said on Sunday that the situation in Corona has not yet come under control. The holiday has not yet been decided. There is still time on hand. Talks with the two ministries with the Prime Minister will determine the next course of action on whether or not to open the school.

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