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Drinking cold water from the refrigerator is really dangerous for the heart?

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  • 24 May, 2023 00:06:00

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Health Desk: Everyone wants to drink a glass of ice cold water in the intense heat. But how much it is good or bad for health is a matter of consideration. Many people do not think about this, so they may be causing danger unknowingly.

According to experts, never drink extra cold water stored in the refrigerator directly. It is best to mix ice cold water with room temperature water.

Many people may know that drinking too much cold water is bad for the heart. But how true is this? But let's find out-

In this regard, the chief director of the cardiology department of Max Hospital in Gurugram, India. Manjinder Sandhu (Colonel) said that drinking a large amount of very cold water or drinks suddenly can cause adverse consequences due to sudden vasospasm in the arteries.

So heart patients should be careful. Drinking too much cold water can be dangerous for them. Because it can trigger heart arrhythmia and cause vasospasm, which can sometimes lead to heart attack, said this expert.

What is vasospasm?

Vasospasm is a condition in which the blood vessels become narrow and restrict the flow of blood. Depending on whether it occurs, there are different types of vasospasm such as coronary vasospasm, cerebral vasospasm, nipple vasospasm and finger or toe vasospasm.

Coronary vasospasm is mostly caused by cold and can cause symptoms like cardiac arrest, fainting, angina or chest pain and acute coronary syndrome.

Cold-induced vasospasm in the toes can cause skin discoloration. In this case, the finger may have a tingling or tingling sensation.

So drink cold or hot water?

According to experts, it is best to drink water at room temperature. Many Ayurvedic experts recommend drinking lukewarm water after meals to aid digestion.

In this summer, one should drink enough water so that the body does not get dehydrated. Check the color of urine to know if your body is hydrated or not, if it is dark then drink more water.

Not only water, but fruits and vegetables also contain a lot of water. For example, cucumber, watermelon, a glass of buttermilk, etc. will help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Source: Times of India


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