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No new variant of corona infection has been reported in the country yet: Health Minister in Manikganj

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  • 07 January, 2023 23:39:31

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Md Sohail Rana Khan, Manikganj:  Minister of Health and Family Welfare Zahid Malek said that Corona is under control in Bangladesh but new variants have appeared in neighboring countries. We have taken note of the matter and taken action already. Instructions have been given at the ports of the country, the port authorities are conducting tests when passengers come from other countries. If any passenger tests positive, he is being kept in isolation, several passengers have already arrived from China. Several of them have tested positive, they have been kept in isolation and are now doing well.

No new variant of covid infection has been reported anywhere in Bangladesh so far. But now it is too cold. That's why everyone should be careful. Must read the mask. There is no reason to worry. Adequate provision has been made in the hospitals.

The Minister of Health said these things while speaking as the chief guest of the discussion meeting organized by Manikganj District Chhatra League on the occasion of the 75th founding anniversary of the Bangladesh Chhatra League of Gaurab Heritage Struggle and Success at Manikganj Government Devendra College Ground on Saturday (January 7).

The minister also said that the people of Bangladesh are in favor of Sheikh Hasina, they are with development, the people of Bengal want peace, do not want chaos, do not want fire terror. The people of the country no longer want to see Razakar Albadar, they want people who are in favor of independence. BNP does not want to come to power through elections, they want to come to power through the back door in the dark.

The minister said that Bangladesh Chhatra League means the future of the country, the future of Awami League. Bangladesh Chhatra League has a tradition that must be maintained. Chhatra League is an organization created by Bangabandhu, this Chhatra League has played a role in the language movement. Chhatra League fought against Ayub and Pakistan. Chhatra League helped in the election in 70, gave Bangabandhu title and Chhatra League, its history is bright with many glory.

Manikganj district Chhatra League president MA Sifad Koraishi Sumon presided over and general secretary Rajidul Islam was present, district Awami League president Advocate Golam Mohiuddin, general secretary Advocate Abdul Salam, former organizing secretary Babu Sudev Saha, central Secchasebak League organizing secretary Nurul Islam Raja and Awami League and Associate organization leaders.


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