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Cleaning the tongue will remove all the toxins from the body

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  • 31 December, 2022 15:38:11

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News Desk: What do you do daily to maintain good oral health? Surely your answer will be, brush your teeth or use mouthwash regularly!

However, you cannot maintain good oral health through one habit. Just brushing your teeth every day does not keep your mouth healthy. Along with regular teeth cleaning, tongue cleaning is also important.

India's Ayurveda expert Dr. Nitika Kohli wrote in her Instagram post, 'Scraping your tongue with a silver or copper U-shaped tongue scraper after brushing your teeth in the morning can help maintain overall health.

He explains that regular tongue cleaning helps rid the body of all kinds of toxins. Not only that, it also helps maintain good oral health.

In this regard, the founder of Karma Ayurveda in India. According to Punit, oral, physical and mental health can be maintained by cleaning the tongue.

In this case, all the harmful bacteria are removed from the mouth, thereby reducing the risk of various diseases. As a result, different parts of the body are healthy, bad breath is removed, digestion power is increased.

Ayurveda describes a meaningful connection between tongue and gut health, he explains. Discolored tongue indicates various physical diseases.

Because the tongue is related to different parts of the body. The tongue harbors both beneficial and harmful bacteria. Bacteria and food particles accumulate within the papillae.

If these particles are not cleaned in time, they become covered in a mucus layer, which leads to bad breath. Therefore, cleaning the tongue is an essential part of hygiene, said Dr. Punit.

What to do in cleaning the tongue

1. Clean your tongue with a clean tongue scraper.
2. Clean the tongue twice a day, after waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night.
3. Buy a good quality scraper with a smooth edge.
4. Use a scraper lightly on the tongue, which does not cut or tear.

what not to do

1. Do not apply too much pressure while scraping the tongue. It injures the sensitive surface of the tongue.
2. Do not continue scraping if you see white patches or sores on the tongue or if there are sores.

Source: Indian Express


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