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The extortion was made to reduce the medical expenses of the students

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  • 02 July, 2022 19:45:25

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JOB Correspondent: Md. Saidul Islam Saeed, President of the University Debating Society, has alleged that he faced the wrath of the political opposition when he went to request to reduce the medical expenses of a student of Jagannath University (JU). He claimed that the allegations of extortion against him were baseless and that his political opponents were conspiring to tarnish his career. Saeed claims that he is an active member of the university branch Chhatra League and the president of the University Debating Society. As a result, ordinary students of the university came to him for help in various matters. Following this, a first year student of the university went to the Popular Diagnostic Center on the campus to request a reduction in medical expenses. Authorities at the Popular Diagnostic Center and the sick student confirmed his claim. No complaint was lodged at the nearby Kotwali police station or the university's proctor's office. Rifat Saeed, the organizing secretary of the BCL, made allegations of extortion against Saeed after the committee was suspended at noon on Friday (July 2). Meanwhile, a video of the Popular Diagnostic Center went viral through social media. However, no source or evidence of extortion was found in the video. The video shows Saeed and his political colleague Masud Rana coming out of the Popular Diagnostic Center at the corner of Roy Saheb Bazar in Old Dhaka. The video did not show anyone talking except for the exit scene. Mahbub, the manager of the Popular Diagnostic Center, said, "No, they did not come for extortion and did not treat us badly. Jagannath University has spoken in this regard in the test report of the students so that we can give concessions. ' Md. Swapan Mia, a first year student, said, ‘I got sick last month. The doctor gave me some tests after showing up. It was not possible for me to bear the cost of these tests. I told the matter to Saeed Bhai and later his brother and his friend Masood went to talk about the tests in Popular. ' Regarding the allegations, Md Saidul Islam Saeed said, "Is there any evidence of extortion?" Or we took a penny, it's a rumor. No one has lodged any complaint with the police or the university. There is no record of our words. CCTV footage shows us being reb from the room. Thousands of such people come and go like this. We went to talk about the test report of a poor student of Jagannath. Whether it is possible to reduce some money only on humanitarian request. You can't forget about any donations here. We will take legal action if necessary for these false rumors in our name. ' He further said, ‘Being the president and branch of the University Debating Society, an active activist of Chhatra League. Society, we ask students from different departments in addition to the department and area to help them with different needs. I try my best for everyone from my place of responsibility. Now they are trying to frame me for political gain. If it continues like this, how will people stand in need of people. This kind of filth will destroy the culture of mutual sympathy of the university. ' Another accused BCL activist Masud Rana said, "One of our younger brothers on our campus is ill. Has done some tests at the Popular Diagnostic Center. There are many bills and they are very poor. Let's go to Popular and talk about whether they will take a little less. We then went to Popular with the hope that since there are discounts for students everywhere, we have the condition of the family of that little brother. He added, "Later, some people tried to make a CC footage viral. But when they saw that it was completely baseless, they no longer gave in vain. Suddenly, after hoping for a notice to stop the organizational activities of our Jagannath University Chhatra League, that insidious mahal has risen again in a bid to go viral with that baseless old saying. ' Naeem Raj, a cultural activist and president of Muktamancha, said, "The activities of the JOB BCL committee have been suspended. And some opportunity-seeking leaders are criticizing the BCL workers with the same status. ' Munni Akhter, joint general secretary of the BCL, said, "Some baseless allegations have been made against the JOB. There is no evidence of that. Some opportunistic leaders are releasing this fabricated information. The allegation of extortion in the name of Saeed is baseless. We have known him for a long time. He is an active and meritorious worker of Chhatra League. He is involved in various education-friendly activities. Ordinary students get him close to any need. ' Mehdi Babu, vice-president of JOB Chhatra League, said, "A few leaders have risen and fallen to corrupt Jagannath University Chhatra League." They are making various kinds of fabricated comments on social media. The matter of Popular is completely baseless for which there is no data evidence. It is wrong to involve someone unnecessarily. The Central BCL has the authority to take any decision regarding the committee of JOB Chhatra League but one should think before making comments against anyone motivated by motives. ' Kotwali Police Station (OC) Mizanur Rahman said, "We have not received any complaint in this regard."

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