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How terrible is the new sub-variant of Omicron?

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  • 23 June, 2022 10:25:21

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News Desk: Corona virus epidemic is gaining momentum again. Many are fearing a new wave. Coronavirus infections are already on the rise in neighboring India. There is no stopping in Bangladesh either. The speed of infection is gradually increasing. In Bangladesh, where there is no death in Corona, the fear of death is spreading.

In this new wave of corona epidemic, fears are spreading that the new sub-variants of Omicron variant ‘BA.4 and BA.5’. Recently, a team of researchers from the Genome Center of Jessore University of Science and Technology (JUST) has identified this new sub-variant.

The new sub-variant has already been identified between two Bangladeshis, the researchers said. Yabiprabir Assistant Director (Public Relations) Abdur Rashid confirmed the matter. However, limited information has been received about the intensity of the new sub variant, he said.

According to a report from South Africa, patients with BA4 and BA5 have a lower risk of hospitalization and death than those with BA1. However, it spreads quickly.

A sub variant of Omicron has also been found in West Bengal, India. As can be seen, the BA4-BA5 and BA2.12.1 sub variants of Omicron are more contagious than previous versions.

Experts say that BA4 and BA5 variants are not serious for the patient, but it can spread the infection. It infects the lungs. Fever, cough, shortness of breath and other symptoms are also much less.

However, experts believe that it is important to be aware of this new sub variant to protect against infection. Depending on the type of body, this variant can be fatal in some cases.

BA4- What to do to protect BA5

Be sure to take corona vaccine and booster dose. Those who have not yet been vaccinated will receive all doses of the vaccine immediately. At the same time, experts have advised to wear regular masks, sanitize hands and everything used.

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