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Learn the proper use of pillows during pregnancy

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  • 19 June, 2022 00:01:19

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News Desk: Pregnancy is a challenging time for women. For nine months in a row, you have to think about the safety of yourself and your unborn child. Everything needs to be kept in mind whether it is developing properly, getting proper nutrition, whether there is any damage to the external part of the fetus. So the pregnant mother needs extra care during this time. The environment of his sleep and rest also has to be comfortable. The mother has to be extra careful during sleep during pregnancy. Because whether the fetus gets the oxygen it needs depends on the mother's bed or sitting. If the mother's sleeping posture is not correct, there is danger in hand. Hormonal changes occur during pregnancy. The bones of the pregnant mother are also soft. So unreasonable sleep causes severe damage to the mother's body. The child also fails to get enough oxygen. The environment, bed, and even the arrangement of pillows need to be kept separate for a good night's sleep during pregnancy. During this time pregnant mothers get more comfort in sleeping with extra pillows. Comfortable pillows for pregnancy are also available in the market. Experts say that the pillow of pregnancy will give comfort according to the changed shape and folds of the mother's body. The mother will support different sleeping positions. Which makes the mother's sleep comfortable. More pillows should be used during pregnancy when the mother has trouble sleeping and sleeping. If the mother is having trouble getting enough sleep and is feeling uncomfortable, she should use extra pillow. According to experts, the abdomen begins to expand around 20 weeks of pregnancy. Weight gain causes pain in the ligaments and other parts of the body. Only then is it comfortable to use extra pillows or pillows available in the market for pregnancy. Pregnancy pillows are relatively longer than normal pillows. Experts say that there are other benefits to using this pillow for pregnant mothers. Pain and suffering are relieved Weight gain during pregnancy. As the weight increases, there is pressure on the mother's back, legs and buttocks. The legs feel tight. These parts need to be rested for good sleep. Using a pillow during pregnancy can relax these parts and relieve pain. Long sleep The mother needs adequate sleep during pregnancy. If the body is not comfortable, the mother's sleep may be repeatedly disturbed. If the pillow is comfortable in this condition then sleep for a long time. Adequate rest or sleep is at the heart of a safe pregnancy. Increases blood circulation During pregnancy you have to sleep on your back. It increases blood circulation. Pregnant mothers are advised to sleep on their side, but it is uncomfortable because of the large belly. This time you need to use a soft pillow. Which will give comfort. Blood circulation in the body will also be easier. Will be helpful after delivery This pillow will be effective even after the baby is born. This helps keep the pillow in position, especially when breastfeeding.

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