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The baby is sick from sweating in the heat, whatever

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  • 14 June, 2022 08:25:33

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News Desk: Extremely hot. Sweating occurs after a while as the humidity in the air increases. This sweat is catching the cold-fever as soon as it settles down. Everyone, big or small, is suffering. Especially in this time of summer, the tendency of children to get fever is increasing. Children who sweat a lot suffer from cold, flu, cough and fever.

Experts have given advice on how to keep a small child healthy in extreme heat. According to pediatricians, children need extra care in any season, summer or winter. If the weather changes, you have to be more careful with the baby. Here are the things parents need to keep in mind.

In hot weather, children need to drink more water. Water will protect children from dehydration. Moreover, excess sweat is getting water out of the body. Which reduces the child's immunity. The children become weak. So this time you have to drink more water. Babies should be wiped repeatedly with a soft cloth to reduce sweating. During this time you should wash your body regularly and take a bath every day. This will reduce sweating. If the baby is comfortable, sleep will be better. Experts say that children can stay in AC during hot weather. However, the AC temperature should be kept around 28 degrees. Care should be taken to ensure that cold air does not reach the baby directly from the vent of the AC. Try to keep the baby at a certain temperature. After a while from AC, if you are not in AC again, sweating will also increase. Give less spicy foods to reduce the baby's heat. Give as light a meal as possible. Babies under 6 months of age consume breast milk or tinned milk. So their stomach upset problems will be less. Older kids need to be a little more alert. Eating out can also cause diarrhea. Make it a habit to feed at home. If the urine of children is yellow, you will understand that there is dehydration. In this case, give 1 liter of water to 1 year old child and at least 1.5 liters of water per day to children older than that. You can eat coconut water or juicy fruits. Children are at risk of getting pneumonia during hot weather. So if the fever lasts for 48 hours, take it to the doctor. And if you have seasonal fever, it will heal itself after a certain period of time. Experts say that the child does not need to be given antibiotics for this.
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