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"Now people can eat meat three times a day if they want."

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  • 28 May, 2022 23:27:25

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News Desk: Fisheries and Livestock Minister Sham Rezaul Karim has said, "People of the country can now eat meat three times a day if they want." Rezaul Karim made the remarks while attending a workshop titled 'Development and Prospects in the Livestock Sector: The Role of Mass Media' at Dhaka Reporters' Unity on Saturday (May 26). The Minister said, "This unprecedented development has taken place in the livestock sector of Bangladesh due to the relentless efforts of the scientists of the country." Highlighting the importance of the livestock sector, the Minister said, “There is a lot of potential in this sector. We all benefit from it. If there is no production in this sector, there will be food and nutrition crisis in the country, ”he said. Referring to the self-reliance of the unemployed, entrepreneurship and mobilization of rural economy, he said, "A large supply of food comes from meat, milk and eggs. So this sector needs to be taken forward. It is possible to do something good in this sector if we move forward with creativity. ” The Minister said, “Writing by journalists inspires people and gives them strength and courage to move forward at an unstoppable pace. People are excited and encouraged by the good news. " Rezaul Karim said, "It would be helpful for the government to highlight the potential of this sector as well as the shortcomings in the media."

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