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Student uncles have made me disabled: Bashemurabiprabi driver

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  • 12 May, 2022 09:59:11

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Mejba Rahman, Bashemurabiprabi Representative: Mama, I am a poor man. Malalas are indebted to money. Duida family seems to be drawn. I drive your car. In case of any danger, leave with an ambulance. Even then, why did the student uncles make me disabled? ”- Baharul Islam, the driver of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology, was talking like this in the hospital bed. He used to drive the Kashiani bus and the only ambulance to the university.

On March 3, a clash broke out between students and bus drivers over the alleged reckless driving of a university bus driver and the crushing of a student. A total of two bus drivers, including a student of the university's management department, were injured. Later in the evening, the students of that department called Baharul. He claimed that he was picked up by a group of students led by Morshed, a third-year student in the management department. He was later beaten by more than 50 students waiting for him in the playground. He suffered severe head, spine, hand, thigh, two leg and nose injuries.

He was later admitted to a 250-bed hospital in Gopalganj with the help of teachers and colleagues As his condition did not improve, the doctor on duty sent him to Khulna City Medical College Hospital for better treatment.

Meanwhile, Baharul is suffering financially for his treatment. The employee took a total corporate loan of Tk 13 lakh from the university in two phases over several years. At the end of the month, almost all of the basic salary goes to pay the installment. Somehow he was spending the day working overtime. But Baharul has been in bed with his family for more than a month now. Prior to his injury, he had been receiving medical treatment from the Employees' Federation.

BM Ashikur Rahman, general secretary of the employees' federation, said, "Our university administration has assured to bear all the medical expenses of Baharul." Later, our president Tariqul Islam arranged for Baharul's treatment with his own money We want a fair trial for this heinous attack on him

Khulna City Medical College Hospital doctor said. Abdul Quader said, Baharul was admitted to us. Signs of severe injuries were found on his nose, head, spine and legs. He has been released after his condition improved a bit We have released with the suggestion of rest. He has been given a month and a half of bed rest.

He denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating "Similar, baseless allegations concerning Ms Sherd have been made more than once. Some of us were called to the proctor's office when the allegations surfaced. I gave the details there.

Meanwhile, the university administration fired the two drivers involved in the incident. A 10-member inquiry committee was set up after the workers' agitation withdrew their expulsion notices.

Convener of the investigation committee and the director of the Student Counseling and Guidance. Md. Sharafat Ali said, "We have collected various evidences of involvement of the accused bus driver and students involved in this untoward incident." Statements of several accused have been taken. Concerned culprits will be brought under the customary law of the university.

A member of the investigation committee and Proctor. Raziur Rahman said, "We have received a written complaint about Baharul's injured air." The accused students were called to the office and their statements were taken We will make a fair trial subject to the report of the inquiry committee.


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