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In Naogaon, teacher Amodini Paul beat up 20 students wearing hijab

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  • 08 April, 2022 13:03:35

Photo: CNI

Naogaon Correspondent: Amodini Pal, a teacher at Daul Barbarpur High School in Mahadevpur upazila of Naogaon, has beaten up at least 20 female students for wearing hijab. The incident took place at noon on Wednesday. When the students left the school and went home after being beaten, they informed their parents about the incident.

The parents were furious at the incident. Hundreds of parents went to the school on Thursday afternoon to protest. At that time, they vandalized the school furniture without finding the accused teacher. It is learned that two police vans reached the spot and brought the situation under control. Sadia Afrin, an eighth-grade student at the school, alleged that while standing in line after the national anthem on Wednesday afternoon, acting headmistress Amodini Pal beat them with eucalyptus branches, asking why they came to school wearing hijab. The teacher told them, "There will be no curtain in the school - you are pretending." Go home and wear a burqa. When you go to Mahadevpur Bazaar, you will have curtains. At school, he will actually drop his head covering. 'He pulled the students to remove their hijab. He even took off the masks of those who came after hijab without hijab. He further added that "if you wear hijab and mask from tomorrow, you will be beaten and the skin on your back will be removed." Student Sadia further said that some of the students in the line came to her and started beating her, but the stick broke. Among others, at least 20 students including 10th class students Oishi, Sumaiya, Tithi, Lucky, 9th class Mona were beaten. Sadia's mother Sabera Begum said that her daughter came from school crying and told her that she had beaten Madam for wearing hijab. "Our daughters have grown up," she said. They will cover. You will learn politeness by going to school.

Where is the safety of our children if they fight like this without teaching it? ’He demanded the removal of the accused teacher in the interest of their children’s safety. Maryam Neshao, mother of Umme Sumaiya Akhtar, another 10th class student, said that when her daughter Sumaiya and her classmate Tithi went to school after the national anthem, teacher Amodini Pal instructed them to beat them for the crime of wearing hijab. After this incident, her daughter came home without class and started crying. Parents said they surrounded the school on Thursday afternoon. But the accused teacher did not come to the school that day. An influential quarter is trying to cover up the matter. Although there is evidence of harassment of students by openly hurting religious sentiments against the teacher, many questions have arisen in the minds of the people of the area as no action has been taken against her. They demanded immediate legal action against the accused teacher. The accused teacher called Amodini Pal on her mobile phone to find out the truth of the incident. Another accused teacher Badiul Alam said that the students were beaten by teacher Amodini Pal for not wearing hijab.

He also claimed that he did not kill anyone. The headmistress of the school, Dharani Kant Barman, admitted the truth of the incident and said that the teacher Amodini Pal had beaten the student for coming to school wearing hijab. On the day of the incident, he went to Rajshahi Board of Education for school work. He came to the school on Thursday morning and found out about the matter. Upazila Secondary Education Officer Habibur Rahman admitted to beating schoolgirls while wearing hijab. Then action will be taken. '

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