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Employees' union strike in Bashemurabiprabi demanding justice for driver's beating

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  • 06 April, 2022 13:24:07

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BASHEMURBIPRABI REPRESENTATIVE: The staff association of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology (BASHEMURBIPRABI) in Gopalganj has suspended all activities including transport and library for two days demanding justice and punishment for crimes committed against bus drivers.

Meanwhile, it has been learned that the medical center of the university has been closed for two days. The students have also suffered due to the closure of buses and the library. Distant students are not able to come to class, are not able to take exams at the right time. Students are not able to go to the library to study.

Simon Hasan Rabbi, a student of the statistics department of the university, complained about the incident and said that such suffering during the month of Ramadan is undesirable. We want to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. "

In this regard, the president of the employees' union Tariqul Islam Bashemur told reporters at the forum, "We will continue this program till there is a fair trial." The Vice-Chancellor Sir informed us that the guilty will be tried according to the rules of the university.

Meanwhile, Transport Administrator Tapas Bala was contacted on his mobile phone and said that although a meeting has been held with the Vice-Chancellor Sir since this morning, no decision has been reached so far. Will accept

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