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What to do to protect your smartphone in the rain

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  • 15 May, 2023 10:15:58

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Information Technology Desk: It's a sunny day at home, but when you come out, you have to fall into the pouring rain. Due to lack of prior preparation, one has to get wet to the destination. It is important to protect the smartphone from rain even if it gets wet. Otherwise, the smartphone may be damaged by getting wet in rain water.

Let's know what you can do to protect your smartphone in the rain-

Keep a waterproof case on the phone
Use a waterproof case for the phone during rainy season and while swimming in the swimming pool. There is no chance of water getting inside the phone even if it gets wet somehow. Always try to keep such a case in the bag. This means there will be no need to worry if it rains suddenly when you step outside.

Keep the smartphone in the mobile pouch

There are many types of waterproof mobile pouches available in the market today. They are also transparent. As a result, there will be no problem to use the phone. You can easily grab the phone even in the rain.

Buy a phone with an IP 67 or IP68 rating
Whenever buying a new phone, try to buy a phone with an IP 67 or IP68 rating. It won't be a problem if you forget to get the phone wet in water.

Plastic Cover
You can use plastic cover on the phone during rain. Besides, if you don't have a waterproof case at hand, wrap the phone well with any plastic. It can save your smartphone from water to some extent.

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