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Mistakes in smartphone use can lead to hacking of bank accounts

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  • 24 January, 2023 15:44:03

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News Desk: Smartphone has become a daily companion. The demand for smartphones is constantly increasing. Taking photos, talking on long-distance video or audio calls, using social media are all in one smartphone. Many people are earning lakhs of taka per month by creating content on smartphones. Due to the budget, many people cannot buy expensive smartphones. However, you will find not only expensive smartphones but also good smartphones in the market.

There are few people who do not use bank apps on their smartphones. You can easily send money and recharge through this app at home. However, by hacking the smartphone, fraudsters can empty your bank account. Hackers can collect bank information from smartphones. Then all the money will be withdrawn without your knowledge.

To avoid this, you have to be careful when using a smartphone. Let's take a look at 5 smartphone mistakes that can lead to hacked bank accounts-

Many people who use simple passwords
are indifferent to using passwords on smartphones. Even if passwords are used, they are very simple. Either the last few digits of the phone number or your date of birth. Hackers benefit the most from this mistake. A hacker can hack a smartphone without any effort. Remember, you can never tell anyone your password. Don't even write where.

Fraudsters who click on unknown links
are cheating in many ways. One of the ways to hack a smartphone is through unknown mail. This is called a phishing mail. Many people unknowingly open any mail or mail that comes in the inbox. As a result, the hacker hacked the smartphone very easily. So don't open or download any unknown mail if you feel suspicious.

Using Older Software
Older versions of any software do not have 'security features'. As a result, security is almost non-existent. Many people fall victim to scammers because they don't use updated software. Always keep your device updated. Advanced security features are available with each update.

Not negligent in protecting personal information

A major cause of data theft is failure to properly manage personal information. In that case anyone can get that information. Many people do not lock smartphones, computers, laptops. Some also publish personal information on public networks. Because of this, many times personal information easily gets into the wrong hands.

Do not give anyone access to the device
Many times we give access to the device to the people close to us without thinking. But this is very risky. Unauthorized access definitely carries risks. Unauthorized access can easily steal any personal information. Not only that, that information can be misused at any time. Hence, it is not wise to give unauthorized access to your device.

Source: Hindustan Times


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