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How to understand whether a smartphone is waterproof or not

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  • 16 January, 2023 13:22:35

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News Desk: Currently, all types of smart gadgets are being made waterproof by the company. Along with the rating to protect against dust, dirt and sweat. Do you know if your smartphone is waterproof or not? You can easily understand how waterproof the smartphone is by looking at the IP rating.

While buying a smartphone, many people have heard about the IP rating in the context of the smartphone's spec sheets. Generally IP rating is used to indicate how protected our smartphone is from dust and water. Different smartphones have different IP ratings and it is important to remember that having an IP does not mean that our phone is secure.

The full meaning of IP rating is 'Ingress Protection'. It is a type of measurement system that assures consumers how well the various electrical components used in their smartphones are protected from dust or water. But waterproof does not mean that it will protect against sea water, tea and coffee.

IP ratings are given by the International Electronic Commission. For any smartphone company to get an IP rating, their smartphones are sent to an independent organization for testing. Such organizations assign IP ratings to various smartphone components through lab testing. As a result, the price of smartphones also increased a little.

How to read
IP rating IP rating usually has two digits ie 68, X8, 67, 66. These should read something like, IP 6 and 8 or IP X and 8. Not just 68 or 67 by any means. The first digit of this is used to protect against dust, it has a score of 0 to 6. A '6' means the phone is completely protected from dust, if the score is '0' it is symbolized by an 'X'. Generally most phones fall between 5 and 6 scores. The second digit is used to indicate how protected it is from water. Its rating scale is 0 to 8. 8 rated smartphones can survive in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes.

IP66 means that it provides complete protection from dust but not complete protection from water. A little water or hand spillage is fine, more than that won't protect it. Note that IP67 also provides complete protection from dust but not complete protection from water. But it is better than IP66. Again if IP68 it gives full protection from dust and water.

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