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Twitter's edit feature is coming next Wednesday

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  • 20 September, 2022 00:29:50

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News desk: Tweet edit feature is coming to microblogging site Twitter. The feature will be rolled out to some users next Wednesday.

Twitter will bring this edit button for blue subscribers initially. This Blue Subscriber service is currently available in New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the United States. The advantage of this service is that it comes with ad-free premium features.

Reportedly, this feature will show an icon, timestamp and label next to the tweet. This will let others know that the tweet has been edited.

Western media say Twitter may begin testing the Tweet button starting Wednesday. Twitter users have been clamoring for years for an edit button to fix typos and grammatical errors. Earlier this month Twitter first announced a small test for the tweet editing feature with an internal team.

Twitter said it knows how users can abuse the feature. That's why this feature is being deliberately opened to some users at an early stage. It will be launched in a specific country first, after observing how the users are receiving it, it will be rolled out to the rest of the users.

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