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This time, Google has removed 8 apps that are dangerous

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  • 24 July, 2022 14:47:40

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News desk: Everyone uses multiple apps on their smartphones every day for daily work. However, there are many apps that harm you without your knowledge. Recently French researcher Maxime Ingrao published the names of 8 apps warning Android users. Malware has been detected in all these apps. However, these apps have since been removed from the Google Play Store.

However, many users may still have these apps downloaded or installed on their phones. Moreover, their APK files are also available on the net. Therefore, French researcher Maxime Ingrao has warned users to be careful about this.

Let's know about those dangerous apps. If you have an Android smartphone, delete it immediately. Otherwise these malicious apps can steal personal data and other details from your phone.

These apps are-
1. Vlog Star Video Editor
2. Creative 3D Launcher
3. Funny Camera
4. Wow Beauty Camera
5. Gif Emoji Keyboard
6. Razer Keyboard & Theme
7. Freeglow Camera (Freeglow Camera) and
8. Coco camera v1.1

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