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Mahfuzur Rahman is ready to listen to songs on Eid

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  • 03 July, 2022 22:07:27

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Entertainment desk: ATN Bangla channel's Eid is now organized. Mahfuzur Rahman's solo song can not be imagined without the program. His song show on Eid also surpassed all other shows in TRP. So for several years, Mahfuzur Rahman has appeared on every Eid with a solo song program. This time too he is no exception. Mahfuzur Rahman is ready to sing on this Eid-ul-Adha. According to a source in ATN Bangla, Mahfuzur Rahman will appear on the night of Eid (July 10) with a bunch of songs. It is learned that he has already completed the shooting of the song and video of the event. Sometimes he was out of the country for some time. As a result, he could not give an update on his solo concert. In the meantime, Mahfuzur Rahman will finalize the name of all the songs by watching the videos again. Then announce it to the audience. Mahfuzur Rahman's solo concert this time also has about 10 original songs sung by him. Mahfuzur Rahman's solo concert has been continuously broadcast on ATN Bangla since 2016. This media personality has said at different times that he sings from his own love.

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