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The value of money has decreased by another 50 paise

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  • 29 June, 2022 09:49:19

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News Desk: Bangladeshi currency has lost another 50 paise against the dollar. On Tuesday (June 26), the dollar had to spend 93 rupees 45 paise in the interbank currency market. Which is the highest record of dollar price in the country.

On Monday (June 26), the dollar price was 92 rupees 95 paise.

Confirming the matter, Central Bank spokesperson and executive director Sirajul Islam said, “According to the demand of the banks, কেন্দ্রীয় 42 million was sold from the central bank on Tuesday. The price has been set at 93 rupees 45 paise. ”

According to the Bangladesh Bank, the rupee has depreciated by 5 percent against the dollar in the last one month. And it has decreased by 10.20 percent in one year. On June 30 last year, I had to spend Rs 64 per dollar. A month ago, on May 30, it cost 69 rupees.

Meanwhile, in May, the dollar rose to a record high of over Tk 102 in the open market. After a slight reduction, the dollar is now being traded at Tk 99 in the open market.

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