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230 kg Adnan Sami is now 75 kg!

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  • 27 June, 2022 09:30:07

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Entertainment Desk: Popular Indian musician Adnan Sami. He gained popularity as a singer in the international arena in the eighties. However, it emerged in Hindi songs after 2001. He has given many listeners happy songs.

Adnan Sami is a very obese and smiling man. Who has won the hearts of all with his voice. But that famous Adnan Sami is no more. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

At one time Adnan Sami weighed 230 kg. Excessive weight has caused many problems. Once in 2007, the singer passed away at the crossroads of life and death. Doctors then said that it would be difficult for her to survive if she could not lose the extra weight.

After that Adnan Sami started working hard to lose weight. According to Indian media, she has lost 155 kg through a strict diet and exercise. As a result, Sami now weighs only 75 kg.

It is known that Adnan Sami went to Texas in the United States and took the advice of a nutritionist. According to him, the singer started to become dependent on protein by reducing carbohydrates. At first he could not exercise with a heavy body. So we have to emphasize on eating habits. Then he slowly started exercising. The result is now in front of everyone.

Recently, Adnan Sami went to Maldives with his wife and children. Sharing different pictures from there. The net world was shocked to see his face there. The image of the singer's slim face has gone viral.

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