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Know that earphones will not be damaged even if wet in the rain

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  • 14 June, 2022 08:34:55

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News Desk: Wireless earphones are now at the top of popularity. That's why all the gadget manufacturers in the world are bringing wireless earphones. This time Huawei has brought their new earphone Huawei Free Buds 5i. It is the successor to the Huawei Free Buds 4i earphones launched last year.

This new earphone with touch control support has Active Noise Cancellation feature. According to the company, each of these earbuds uses a 55 mAh battery. Again, 410 mAh battery has been given in its charging case. If the ANC feature is off, it is able to provide power backup for 28 hours and if the ANC feature is on, it can provide power backup for up to 16 hours. After all, earbuds can be charged in an hour. But it will take 110 minutes to charge the charging case.

The new Huawei Free Buds 5i earphone comes with an ear canal close fit design to keep it firmly attached to the ear. This lightweight earphone has a silicone earbud. The high-race wireless certified earphone uses a 10mm dynamic driver.

Its earbuds have active noise cancellation up to 42 decibels. If you open the earbuds from the ear again, it will automatically turn off the music, and if you put it behind the ear again, the music will start. It will even support touch control for holding or turning off calls or playing / pausing music.

On the other hand, it has Bluetooth 5.2 version for faster connection. Once paired first it will automatically connect to the nearest device next time. Again, it is possible to change the music play / pause or music track by tapping on its earbud. You also need to long tap the two earbuds to activate Active Noise Cancellation.

The earphone comes with IPX4 rating to provide protection from water. The Huawei Free Buds 5i Earphone is currently available in the Chinese market. It is priced at 499 yuan. Which is about 6 thousand rupees in Bangladeshi currency. Customers will be able to choose the earphones in three colors namely Ceramic White, Interstellar Black and Island Blue.

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