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5 teenagers were not saved by stealing money in Fatikchhari

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  • 10 June, 2022 12:09:07

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Jipon Uddin, Chittagong: A five-member gang of teenagers stole Tk 240,000 from a clothes shop in Fatikchhari, Chittagong by cutting the grill at night. However, the gang of 5 members stole the money but the gang of thieves was caught by the police. The incident took place between the night of May 26 and the morning of May 27 at a clothing store called Shah Noor Cloth Store of Mohammad Imam Hossain in Bibirhat Bazar, Fatikchhari. After the incident, the shop owner filed an anonymous case. According to the information given by the plaintiff, 3 people including 1 lakh 61 thousand were arrested on June 5 and 6 using technology led by Second Officer of Fatikchhari Police Station SM Sohail Quddus. Case No. 5 of Fatikchhari Police Station in this regard, Section: 456/360. The accused in the case are Mohammad Abdullah (18), son of Mezbah Uddin of Chamad Bari in Haidchkia village of 4th ward of Paindong UP, who is a ninth class student. Mohammad Shakib, son of Rahmat Khan of Dhurung Abdul Gani Tendul Bari, a 10th class student, was found to have 13,000 rupees recovered from him. Mohammad Saeed, 18, son of Mohammad Saeedullah, a resident of Bar Aulia Tower, adjacent to Bibirhat Square Tower, is a class 10 student. Also, Mohammad Sabbir, 18, an employee of the stolen shop and Abu Saeed, 18, are still at large. According to the detainees, Sabbir received 26,000 rupees and Abu Saeed 26,000 rupees. In this regard, the owner of the shop, Imam Hossain, said, "The night before the incident, the money has to be paid in the morning to the people of the city. At that time some boys including my cousin were standing in the market. According to the information given to the police after the theft of the money, the stolen money was found from them. In this regard, the second officer of Fatikchhari police station SM Sohail Quddus said, "According to the information given by the plaintiff, we have been able to catch the money thieves using technology." Among the thieves, 3 are in jail and the other 2 are fugitives. In this regard, Fatikchhari Police Station Officer-in-Charge Kazi Masud Ibne Anwar said that 3 thieves have been arrested and sent to jail. All those involved in the theft of money are school students. They are still teenagers. Such incidents are tragic. Families should keep track of where their children are going outside of school or college.

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