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Now even if the message is sent, it can be edited on WhatsApp!

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  • 06 June, 2022 10:08:06

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News Desk: WhatsApp is going to launch the option to edit even after the message is sent. If all goes well, the feature will be unveiled soon. The developers of WhatsApp have already started working on this feature.

WhatsApp is constantly bringing new features for the convenience of the users. The company has announced to launch the editing option even after the message has been sent. Initially the feature will be released in beta version.

According to the Webinetinfo website, WhatsApp announced the feature five years ago. Although for some reason the decision was then overturned. However, recently announced to bring the feature again.

Webinetinfo has released a screenshot of the new feature. If you tap and hold a message in the chat, you will see three additional options. There is an 'edit' option.

It added that the feature is still under development. Initially, the feature will be tested in the Android beta version. The feature will be developed later for iOS and desktop versions.

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