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This time the onion sprouts have increased

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  • 07 March, 2022 08:57:06

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News Desk: The price of onion is increasing by leaps and bounds in the capital market. In less than a week, the price of onion has gone up by three points to Rs 60 per kg in the retail market. The traders said that the price has gone up as the chopped onion is almost finished.

They say that the onion that is available in the market now is chopped onion. The supply of these onions is now almost at an end. As a result, the supply of onions is a bit less. However, onions of Meherpur (large in size) have started coming in the market. Besides, fresh onion will also come in the market in 10-12 days. The traders said that the price of onion will go down then.

They say that when the market was full of chopped onions, the prices were quite low. But in the middle of February, the supply of chopped onions started declining. As a result, the price of onion went up by Rs 60 per kg in mid-February. However, within a week, the price of onion came down to 45 rupees.

In this situation, the price of onion started rising again at the beginning of this month. In the first phase, it increased from 15 rupees to 60 rupees per kg. Onions are sold at this price in most of the markets of the capital till Friday. However, in the last two days, the price has increased by two more points. As a result, the price of chopped onion has gone up and now it is being sold at Rs 60 per kg in the retail market. However, some traders are selling onions at 75 rupees per kg.

The price of onion has almost doubled in the retail market as well as in the wholesale market. Onions, which were sold at Tk 38-40 per kg a few days ago, are now being sold at a wholesale price of Tk 70-72 per kg.

Buyers are worried about the rising price of onions. They say the prices of everything in the market are rising. There is no control over anything. Not just onions, but rice, pulses, oil and sugar are all unusually expensive. Low-income people are in a lot of trouble because of the unusual prices of daily necessities.

Ashraf Ali, who came to Karwan Bazaar to buy onions, expressed his displeasure and said, "I bought onions 40-45 rupees per kg a few days ago." Now onions are not available in the wholesale market below Rs. The traders of the mahalla are selling 60 kg of onion. What happened to the price of onion in a hurry?

"Not just onions, but everything in the market has unusual prices," he said. Soybean oil is being sold at Rs 190 per kg. Bottled oil is not available in the mahalla shops. Even in the big markets now there is no 5 liter bottle of oil. In fact, it is cutting the pockets of the common man by increasing the prices of such things. The country has become like a mug's mulluk.

Malibagh Hajipara wife-market trader said about the price of onion. Jahangir said, a few days ago I sold 45 kg of domestic onion. I have sold 60 kg on Friday due to increase in wholesale price. Wholesale prices have risen further in the last two days. As a result, we have been forced to raise prices. At the price at which I bought onions, there is no way to sell them below 60 rupees.

Rampura businessman said. Milon said, "Today I bought 72 kg of onion from the wholesale market." If we add car rental and shop rent, our cost for per kg onion will be reduced by 7-8 rupees. How can I sell this onion for less than 60 rupees?

Why is the price of onion suddenly rising? To such a question, he said, we do not have the hand to increase or decrease the price of onion. Wholesalers can better explain why prices are rising. However, from what I hear in the market, the supply of onions in the market is less now. Due to this the price is increasing. But now Meherpur onion has come in the market. The price of this onion is low. Mehepur onion is being sold at 40 rupees per kg.

If you want to know the reason for the increase in the price of onion caravan market trader. Habibur Rahman Mostafa said, "Onion is almost finished, so the price of onion is a little higher now." We are selling 70-82 rupees per kg of chopped onion in wholesale. However, the price of onion will come down in a few days. Because after 10-12 days, onions will come in the market.

He said that the onion of Mehepur has come to the market. We are selling this onion at 30 rupees per kg.

Shyambazar businessman said. Babu said about the price of onion, the price of onion is less likely to increase in the future. Because in a few days, onions will come to the market.

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