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Twice the target wheat planting in Tentulia

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  • 13 February, 2022 09:24:56

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Tentulia (Panchagarh) Correspondent: Green saplings of wheat are swaying across the field in Tentulia of Panchagarh. Farmers expect bumper yields. Wheat is being cultivated twice as much as the target in the current Rabi season. Due to the low cost of cultivation, the interest of farmers in wheat cultivation has increased in this region.

Boro paddy and chilli cultivation has decreased in wheat cultivation. Farmers say that due to the increase in diesel prices, the cost of cultivation in Boro has increased and this time they have focused on wheat cultivation. The lower the cost of wheat cultivation, the higher the profit. So this time they are producing wheat in Boro paddy land.

According to the Upazila Agriculture Extension Department, the target for wheat cultivation in the 2020-2021 season was set at 3310 hectares. Although the same has been fixed for the 2021-22 season, it has increased to 6,100 hectares of land and farmers are now cultivating wheat. Bari 28, 30, 32 and 33 varieties of wheat are being planted in the land.

According to some farmers in Shalbahan and Tironai Hat areas, irrigation cost is less in wheat cultivation like Boro paddy. It does not require much irrigation. Other costs are also lower. So they are expecting more profit from wheat this time. Especially in the soil of this upazila, as the water holding capacity is less, boro cultivation has to be irrigated with more irrigation. So the cost goes up. Due to this, most of the farmers have started cultivating wheat this season instead of Boro.

Sadeq and Tabibar Rahman, farmers of Banglabandha Union, said, “I plant boro every year. But this time due to increase in diesel and other prices, we have started cultivating wheat without planting boro. I hope I will get profit this time if I get fair price of wheat.

Upazila Agriculture Extension Officer Jahangir Alam said, "I can see more interest of farmers in wheat cultivation this season." Farmers are planting wheat at almost twice as much as last time. Officially, 20 kg of wheat seeds and 10 kg of fertilizer DAP and 10 kg of MOP have been given to small and marginal farmers as agricultural incentives during Rabi season for the development of farmers. At the field level, farmers are being advised by the Department of Agriculture.

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