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Smartwatch that will keep an eye on the child for 24 hours

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  • 12 February, 2023 09:42:56

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Information Technology Desk: Not only the health feature in the smartwatch, GPS facility has also been added. Smartwatches are becoming more popular day by day. Recently, the smartwatch manufacturer Sekyo has brought kids smartwatch. Parents worry a little more about their children. Be it at school, playground or home.

There is no end of thinking about where the child went, when he will return, whether he has arrived properly or not. Apart from studying, you can't keep track of how much time you spend using your smartphone or playing games. The days of parents' worries are over. Now you can know everything on the smart watch.

This Sequoia smartwatch is made for kids. This smartwatch has a special feature that will keep an eye on children at all times. The smartwatch has the facility to install a SIM. So that you can video call children. It also features a dual camera setup. Also this watch is water proof. That is, children can wear the smartwatch and get into the water. It also has the facilities of Bluetooth, WiFi.

It also has GPS tracking, which lets you know where your child is going, when. Geo-fencing facility is also provided in this smartwatch. What it does is you can set a place on the watch. If your child goes out of that area then you will also receive an alert on your mobile. And you will know where your child is. The price of the smartwatch in India ranges from Rs 2,399 to Rs 7,999. The watch can only be purchased from Sekyo's official site.

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