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To make the lover happy, this time the manager stole 6 crore rupees from the bank!

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  • 26 June, 2022 09:30:42

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International Desk: In a word, love is blind. But a bank manager in India is realizing the danger that blind love can bring. He is in jail on charges of huge financial irregularities for his girlfriend.

According to the Indian media, the name of the accused is Hari Shankar. He is the manager of a state-owned bank in Hanumantnagar, Bangalore. Recently, Shankar had a conversation with a young woman on a dating app. Gradually their relationship deepens. And then the person tried to be a 'hero' in front of his girlfriend by stealing big money from the bank.

The zonal manager of the bank alleged that the bank manager Shankar had withdrawn Rs 5 crore 80 lakh (about Tk 7 crore 8 lakh) through financial irregularities. The incident took place between May 13 and 19. Shankar is not alone in this, two colleagues of the bank Kaushalya and Muniraju have also helped.

Shankar has already been arrested for embezzling money from a bank. The accused is currently in police custody for 10 days. Two of his colleagues are also being questioned.

According to the police, a female customer had made a fixed deposit of Rs 13 million in the bank, which led to a loan of Rs 75 lakh. He submitted all the necessary documents to the bank.

Allegedly, Shankar used the documents and the fixed deposit to defraud Shankar. Rs 5 crore 60 lakh was withdrawn from the bank by keeping the customer's money as security. The money was divided into several parts and deposited in a total of 26 different bank accounts in different cities of West Bengal and Karnataka.

According to the police, a total of 138 bank transactions were made to remove this huge amount of money. And those two colleagues helped Shankar in that task. However, they are being questioned to find out whether they were forced to do so.

However, Shankar has denied all the allegations against him. He claimed that the cyber criminals took the huge amount of money from him by showing greed to talk to the young woman in the dating app. The police is also examining the statement of the accused.

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