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16 killed trying to cross Spanish border

  • International
  • 25 June, 2022 17:42:57

Photo: CNI

At least 16 migrants have died as they tried to cross the border into the Spanish enclave of Melilla in the North African country of Morocco. Several people were injured. Moroccan officials say security forces clashed with a large crowd as they tried to cross the border wall together early Friday morning. Some of the dead fell from the border fence. Several security personnel were also injured in the clash. The injured have been admitted to a local hospital for treatment. Their relations with the country deteriorated after Spain backed Morocco's plan for autonomy to restore stability in the Western Sahara. Immigrants tried to enter the enclave for the first time since the start of the process of developing diplomatic relations between Spain and Morocco in March. In recent years, Spain's Melilla and Ceuta enclaves have become major destinations for migrants from most of the Sahara region, trying to reach Europe. Hundreds of people cut through the fence and tried to enter the enclave on Friday, local time, Spanish officials said. During this time most people were forcibly removed. Even then, hundreds of migrants have entered.

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