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Russia is leading the occupation, leaving Ukraine in the east

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  • 24 June, 2022 23:47:09

Photo: CNI

International Desk: Russian forces are advancing towards the capture of the eastern Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk. They have continued shelling for several days to take control of the area. Ukraine's regional authorities have ordered troops to leave the region in the face of intense attacks. The BBC says Russian forces have been besieging Severodonetsk for several days in a row. Along with this city, their goal is to take control of the eastern city of Lisichansk. One of the goals of the separatists in Russia and their backed eastern Ukraine is to take full control of the Danbas region. Luhansk is one of the two provinces. "The shelling has been going on relentlessly for months," Luhansk's regional head Serhi Heidai said in a statement on Ukrainian television. It doesn't make sense to be in such a position. " He added: "They (Ukrainian troops) have been instructed to move to a new location. From there, they will conduct their own operations. ” "Ukrainian troops are still in the city," Severodonetsk district chief Roman Vlasenko told Radio Liberty on Friday. It may take some more time to withdraw. ” He added, “The city's internal infrastructure has been completely destroyed. Ninety percent of the city's homes have been shelled. Eighty percent of the houses have been severely damaged. ” On Thursday, Russian forces occupied most of southern Severodonetsk and Lisichansk. But Heidai, the regional head, said it would be difficult for Russian forces to occupy Lisichansk directly. Because, the city is located on the hill. Where there are many conditions to build their resistance.

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