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26 missing after ferry sinks off Indonesian coast

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  • 29 May, 2022 10:40:40

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International Desk: 26 people are reported missing after a ferry sank off the coast of Indonesia. The ferry sank on Saturday (May 28) when it ran out of fuel due to bad weather. Since then, 26 people have been missing.

The country's rescue agency said 43 people were on board when the ferry sank off the coast of Makassa on Thursday. This system separates the islands of Sulawesi and Borneo. 17 people have been rescued alive in this incident. They also said that efforts are being made to rescue others.

Shipping has become a common occurrence in Indonesia. In the Southeast Asian nation of 16,000 islands, maritime security is still weak.

More than 150 people drowned in a ferry in the world's deepest lake on the island of Sumatra in 2016

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