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Prisoner-free Kushtia sub-jail for 40 years

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  • 02 March, 2021 13:27:07

Photo: CNI

Kushtia Correspondent: 40 years have passed since the establishment of the sub-jail of Khoksa Upazila of Kushtia but no prisoner has been seen even today. Then why this prison.

Meanwhile, what will happen if there are no prisoners; The rooms of the prison guards are occupied by goats and cows live in the place of male prisoners. However, even though this sub-facility was supposed to be a juvenile detention center to suppress juvenile delinquency, in reality, the locals did not even notice a speck of it.

Meanwhile, the social service office says that implementation was not possible due to complications. It is learned that in the eighties, the then President Hussain Muhammad Ershad built 23 sub-factories in 18 districts of the country. Among them was this unprotected sub-factory in Khoksa Upazila of Kushtia. Kushtia-Rajbari is located in Ward No. 2 of the municipal area next to the regional highway. The annex has an entrance, two inmates' halls, two interview rooms, a storeroom, an office room with two rooms, and a quarter with three rooms. There are also several toilets. The sub-factory in Khoksa Upazila of Kushtia was built on a very picturesque wall in the eighties on about 12.2 acres of land. Although the prison has been unprotected for a long time, in a letter from the Ministry of Social Welfare in 2016, the prison is now under the control of the district social service office.

A staff member of the social service office lives there with his family. However, the locals want the proper use of the prison. Locals say bricks and cement are falling off the walls due to lack of maintenance for a long time.

The wood for the doors and windows was lost long ago. The three-room quarters built for office staff outside the prison have long since been occupied by a gang. Roxana Parveen, deputy director of the Kushtia district social services office, said the sub-laboratory had not yet been commissioned due to various complications but had been allocated at a symbolic price from the land ministry to the social welfare ministry.

In this regard, Kushtia Jail Super Tayef Uddin Mia said, this sub-jail has been converted into a juvenile correctional facility or development center and given under the Social Service Office to curb juvenile delinquency.

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