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Martyred Intellectuals' Day is celebrated in Kubi with due dignity

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  • 14 December, 2020 21:38:10

Photo: CNI

KUBI REPRESENTATIVE: On the occasion of Martyred Intellectuals 'Day, Martyred Intellectuals' Day is celebrated at Comilla University (CUBI) on 14th December with humble respect and various programs.

At sunrise in Kubi, the national flag was hoisted at half-mast and the black flag was hoisted in honor of the martyred intellectuals. At 10.30 am: After holding the black batch and mourning rally, wreaths were laid at the central Shaheed Minar at 11 am. Then at 11.30 am a wreath was laid at the portrait of Bangabandhu. After Zohar, prayers and munajat were organized in the mosque of the university for the forgiveness of the souls of the intellectuals. During the wreath-laying ceremony at the central Shaheed Minar and the portrait of Bangabandhu, teachers, officials, employees, general students and leaders of Bangladesh Chhatra League Comilla University were present. After handing over the wreath, Hon'ble Treasurer of the University Dr. Md. Asaduzzaman gave a short speech for all. He said, “He guided the Bengali nation through Bangabandhu's historic speech on March 7, 1971 at the Racecourse Ground, urging them to jump for independence.

In view of this, the unarmed nation jumped into the war of independence for their liberation with the declaration of Bangabandhu on March 26. He further said, 'Pakhanadar forces carried arms on the unarmed Bengali nation. Tadar was resisting with the courage and intelligence of the freedom-loving Bengalis.

When the Pakhanadar forces realized that they could not oppress the Bengali nation, Surya brutally killed the children of the Bengali nation. The Bengali nation still remembers those martyrs with respect.

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