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Easy way to get 120 marks in BCS prelims

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  • 22 September, 2020 14:07:55

News Desk: BCS Prelims and 120 Marks BCS Prelims should be fine if you get about 120. Although the question is very simple, 120 marks is a risk free zone. For now, this 120 number may seem like a big deal. But such marks are usually obtained by those who are better than average in mathematics, mental skills and English part. In football, the team that can occupy more midfield is more likely to score a goal, just as you need to occupy midfield in BCS prelims.

The middle ground of BCS is "Mathematics, Mental Skills and English". If you get 80% marks in these three parts then you will see that the contract in the prelims is almost certain. Because 80% of the 75 numbers in those three parts is 52. Now if you take 50% marks in the remaining 135, you will get 67 marks. All in all, Marx went and stood at 119, which means about 120.

And if you can prepare vigorously in these three parts, you will have to read subjects like geography, ethics and science in an average way. Really, if the prelims are going well, then you should prepare for the number 200 like playing football. However, all the BCS exam trump cards are the same. And that is English. If you get 1 number more than 40% in this part, it means to beat 10 thousand competitors. So you can't beat too many competitors in any other part than this part. May Allah make us all successful.

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