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Trading in the capital market is going on with the increase of the index

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  • 29 February, 2024 08:23:07

Economy Desk : On the third working day of the week Wednesday (February 28), the country's main stock market Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and another stock market Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) are trading with increasing indices.  

Half an hour after the start of trading on Wednesday, i.e. at 10:30 am, the general index of DSE DSEX increased by 11 points from the previous day to stand at 6,284 points. The DSE Shariah index rose by 3 points and the DSE-30 index by 3 points to 1369 and 2141 points respectively.  

Shares and mutual fund units worth Tk 149 crore 32 lakhs have been traded during this period.

Shares of 195 companies traded on Wednesday increased, 77 declined and 70 remained unchanged.

The top 10 companies traded till 10:30 am on Wednesday are Munnu Fabrics, Best Holding, Robi, Central Pharma, Advent Pharma, Phuwang Ceramic, Orion Infusion, Intraco, BD Thai and Phuwang Food.

Earlier today, the DSEX index rose by 10 points in the first 5 minutes of trading. At 10:10 AM, the index increased by 7 points from its previous position. After that the speed of the index is seen upward. 20 minutes after the start of trading i.e. at 10:20 am, the index increased by 18 points from the previous day and stood at 6,291 points.

On the other hand, the CASPI index of Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) increased by 10 points and stood at 17 thousand 947 points at 10:30 am after half an hour of trading. After that the speed of the index is seen upward.

Till 10:30 am on this day, shares and mutual fund units worth 1 crore 40 lakhs were traded in CSE. During this period, the price of 20 companies increased, 17 decreased and the share price of 5 companies remained unchanged.


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