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Some countries have made Russia-Ukraine war a game: Pope Francis

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  • 25 September, 2023 10:36:59

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International Desk: Pope Francis, the supreme leader of Catholic Christians, has expressed his disappointment that some countries have backed away from their commitments after initially providing weapons to Ukraine.

He said some countries have interests in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and that is arms sales and arms trade. He made this comment while talking to a journalist on his way back to the Vatican from Marseille, France. Pope Francis said these things in response to the question whether he is disappointed that his efforts to establish peace have not succeeded.

He sent Italian Cardinal Matteo Zuppi as his representative to Kiev, Moscow, Washington and Beijing in an effort to end the war in Ukraine. Pope Francis said he was deeply disappointed by the war in Ukraine. He spoke on the arms trade, military industry and war. The Pope said that some countries have turned war into a game by trading arms with Ukraine. But we should not play this war.

We should help them solve the problem. I see now that some countries are backing down and no longer want to arm Ukraine. Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni explained the Pope's statement. He claimed that the Pope did not take a position with his speech on whether to continue or stop supplying arms to Ukraine. Bruni said the Pope wanted to talk about the consequences of the arms trade.

He said, those who supply weapons never suffer the consequences. Instead, some people, like the people of Ukraine, pay for these weapons and die from them. The Pope spoke at a time when the US administration recently confirmed that Washington has so far supplied Kiev with weapons worth more than 100 billion or 10 trillion dollars to fight against Russia.

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