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Ukraine's fierce attack on the headquarters of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea

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  • 23 September, 2023 10:57:44

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International desk: Ukraine has launched a missile attack on the headquarters of the Russian Navy located in the Black Sea. One person went missing in the attack at 12 noon local time on Friday. The Russian Defense Ministry first reported a casualty in a statement issued shortly after the attack. Within hours of the attack, an air force telegram post claimed responsibility for the attack on the Russian naval headquarters.

Later, Moscow changed its statement and reported that "one person is missing in the explosion after the attack". The local pro-Russian governor warned residents that another attack was imminent. He urged people to stay indoors. The attack came just ten days after the biggest Ukrainian hit to the Russian fleet in the ongoing war.

After the attack, an air raid warning sounded in the city of Sevastopol. Governor Mikhai Razvozaev said the signal had been withdrawn. But he urged the residents to be careful. In a post on Telegram, he said, attracting everyone's attention! There may be another attack.

Please don't go to the main city center. Do not leave the building. In another post, he said, firemen are taking all steps to bring the fire under control as soon as possible. Last week, Russia attacked naval and port infrastructure in Ukraine's Crimea, damaging a submarine and a warship.

Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. The headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is located in Sevastopol on this peninsula. Ukraine has vowed to reclaim Crimea from Russia. Kiev has recently stepped up attacks on the peninsula.

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